House Passes Budget

On Wednesday the House passed the budget by a vote of 115-0. The bill contains, among other things, pay raises for state employees, millions of dollars for the state’s deal closing fund, and a special $114,000 tax break for the Darlington Raceway. The House is expected to pass the budget on its third and final […]

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Ways and Means Budget Largest in State History – Yet Again

The House is currently debating the budget recommended by the Ways and Means committee after months of hearings. With just over $535 million in “new” recurring revenue[1], lawmakers justify spending as “filling the holes” caused by the recession. However, as we pointed out in our analysis of the executive budget, since 2002 the state budget […]

Economic development for the Arts Commission?

Amazingly, now even the Arts Commission is trying to get funding for “economic development” programs. We found this tidbit in the Arts Commission’s FY12-13 budget request: Artist Development:  The agency invests staff time and limited funding to increase the number professional artists in South Carolina who can develop sustainable, productive careers in our state.  A […]

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USC Greenville Medical School

The House appears to be set to send $17.2 million to the USC Greenville School of Medicine.

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The House meets today for budget debate

The House Ways and Means committee officially released their FY 12 – 13 budget on Tuesday.  You can find the bill here.  The bill, coming after weeks of budget hearings and debate, is the committee’s recommendations and, in some cases, starkly differs from the Governor’s executive budget.  You can find our analysis of the executive […]

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The Governor’s Budget – A Sign of What’s to Come?

The governor’s budget is only the first in a series of budget drafts before we arrive at the final state budget later in the spring. Generally – in fact, without exception – these successive budget drafts grow in size. So what does the governor’s draft tell us about where we’re headed?