What’s coming in the 2019 legislative session

The recurring themes in the over 700 pieces of prefiled legislation this year are more spending, more legislative control, and eroding individual rights. Here is a broad overview of what lawmakers are proposing in the new session, focusing on the areas of utilities, roads, education, taxes, and governmental accountability and transparency.   Utilities One of […]

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South Carolina budget legislation

The Budget Process: A Quick Primer

The budget process spelled out in state law is a thorough, deliberate process, designed to inform citizens at every stage and to maximize their input into the spending of taxpayer dollars. Unfortunately, lawmakers consistently flout this law in favor of a process that centers key decision-making in the hands of a few powerful lawmakers. Here’s […]

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Data warehouse

What the Data Warehouse Could Mean for You

The new data warehouse – created by last year’s law and this year’s budget proviso – poses serious threats to the privacy of South Carolinians, especially if lawmakers override the Governor’s veto of the budget proviso containing the details of how the data warehouse would operate. According to the proviso, the intent behind the data […]

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What is Tax Conformity, and What Does It Mean for SC Taxpayers?

UPDATE 10/5/18: The Senate’s version of the tax conformity bill passed both houses this week and was signed by the Governor.   Lawmakers left one major question unanswered when they left Columbia earlier this year: How will the South Carolinian’s state income tax be calculated next year? The General Assembly will address this when they […]

Where does S.C. Stand on School District Consolidation?

Each year, the state spends millions on duplicative administrative positions that could be used in the classroom. Instead of overhauling South Carolina’s antiquated school district model, lawmakers have historically taken little action towards true reform. One small step in the right direction was a proviso inserted this year’s budget allowing the Superintendent of Education to […]