Education “reforms” focused on workforce rather than education

Addressing public education was a top issue during the 2019 legislative session, and will remain a priority when the General Assembly reconvenes next year. Earlier this year the House passed an education omnibus bill, while the Senate Education Committee has been working on a companion bill that is still moving through the subcommittee process. Lawmakers […]


How not to sell a state asset: An update on Santee Cooper

This past session, lawmakers finally took action on Santee Cooper – without actually taking action. Instead of authorizing a sale of the troubled state-owned utility, they passed a resolution (H.4287) to explore three different options – to sell, to outsource the internal management to a third party, and to keep-but-reform. In theory, lawmakers will review […]

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What’s in the final 2019-2020 budget?

Last month, the General Assembly passed a budget spending nearly $30 billion – the largest appropriations bill in state history. By contrast, the governor vetoed only 0.1% of legislative spending. Below is an overview of how lawmakers are spending taxpayer dollars and what the governor vetoed. Legislative leaders have called a special session beginning June […]

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Project Road Repair

Your roads aren’t getting fixed. Here’s what you can do about it.   THE PROBLEM: YOUR ROADS AREN’T FIXED It’s year three of the gas tax hike. Under the 2017 law, the gas tax rises by two cents every year through 2022. Lawmakers promised that every penny would go toward repairing roads and bridges, but […]

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2019 Legislative Session Wrap-Up

Nearly 2,500 bills and resolutions were filed during the 2019 legislative session. While many of the most concerning bills did not pass, this year was the first half of the two-year session and anything that did not pass this year could become law next year. Below is an overview of the most consequential bills that […]

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What’s really in the Panthers deal

In the final days of the legislative session, the House and Senate both passed legislation to give big tax breaks and other incentives for the NFL team the Carolina Panthers. In one of several procedural twists, the SC Senate skipped one of the roll call votes specifically required by state law. The bill was sent […]

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The New State Property Tax South Carolinians Won’t See Coming

In 1976, voters passed a constitutional amendment amending legislators’ ability to provide for state borrowing. The ballot question was general, vaguely worded and failed to spell out what was arguably the most important part of the amendment: the creation of a new, automatic and limitless state property tax that could kick in with no warning […]

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