Legislative update: What lawmakers passed and what’s still in play

South Carolina lawmakers met last week (May 12) to take up legislation dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, and to pass a resolution funding state government through the year until they can return and write an official budget. But they also took the opportunity to pass and introduce a handful of other bills too, some entirely […]

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Bills filed during 5/12/20 – 5/13/20

Government Structure S.1203 – Giving the legislature (or President of the Senate and Speaker of the House if it is inconvenient to convene the General Assembly) the power to revoke a declaration of a state of emergency and explicitly allowing the governor to declare successive states of emergency  H.5473 – Resolution expressing a limit on […]

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Bills filed during 3/18/20 – 3/19/20

Regulations S.1184 – Regulating licensing of the massage industry, increasing license fees for massage therapists, creating a new license for massage establishments, providing penalties for non-compliance, and instructing the Massage Board to investigate facilities for compliance   H.5419 – Prohibiting courts from processing evictions for 90 days S.1179 – Approving regulations by the department of insurance […]

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Weekly Legislative Update – March 10 – 12, 2020

What they did: This week, the House passed a $32 billion budget – the largest budget in state history. However, they only debated around $10 billion of that spending and merely rubberstamped the acceptance of over $9 billion of federal dollars, without asking what strings are attached to those dollars or how state policy will […]

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Weekly Legislative Update – March 3 – 5, 2020

This was the last legislative week before the House considers the $30 million Ways and Means budget. The budget debate will begin next week on Monday instead of Tuesday. This week the House Judiciary Committee advanced H.3125, which calls for a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution. This proposal would completely shut the public out of […]

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Bills filed during 3/10/20 – 3/12/20

Government Structure  S.1163 – Removing Santee Cooper (PSA) board, appointing an interim board made of 7 members, 6 will be appointed by legislative leadership and 1 by the governor, removing terms for the interim but the  General Assembly will elect a new board in 2023 and every future board, creating a legislative commission to have […]

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Weekly Legislative Update: February 25 – 27, 2020

What they did: This week House and Senate committees continued the process of reviewing proposals for state-owned utility Santee Cooper. All three proposals have serious problems, and none of them would eliminate Santee Cooper’s $7 billion in ratepayer-backed debt. The only way to arrive at a real solution for Santee Cooper is to start with […]

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Bills filed during 3/3/20 – 3/5/20

Regulations H.5334 – If you are born after 1979 you need a boater safety license to operate a boat S.1138 – Commercial airmen that participate in interstate commerce and are required by the feds to have licenses and permits, must have those permits on them while flying in South Carolina. With a penalty for noncompliance […]

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Weekly Legislative Update: February 18 – 20, 2020

What they did: This week, lawmakers on the House Ways and Means Committee adopted the largest budget in state history – recommending that the state spend over $32 billion in the next fiscal year. For perspective, last year’s spending package was a little under $30 billion. Among other things, lawmakers have proposed spending an additional $101 million […]

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Bills filed during 2/25/20 – 2-27-20

Taxation and Spending  S.1127 – Making the tax credit on solar energy systems refundable (you can earn a refund through the credit not just reduce your income tax) S.1123 – If a firefighter leaves the department that hired him and trained him for another in the state within two years of starting, the new department […]

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