S.76 – Extending a tax credit and exemption for energy efficient homes

S.76 would extend a tax credit and exemption for manufactured homes bought in South Carolina that reach energy efficiency standards. The credit and exemption are currently set to sunset this year, but this bill would extend the sunset date to 2024. These energy standards are set by the EPA and the US Department of Energy […]

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S.227, S.113, H.3168, H.3457 – Allowing certain municipalities to impose a property tax

S.227 (and identical bills S.113, H.3168 and H.3457) would allow the 60 municipalities in South Carolina that do not currently have a property tax to impose one. State law currently limits how much the local property tax rate (called “millage”) can be increased by using rates from the previous year. Therefore, if a municipality doesn’t […]

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S.309 – Doubling the budget of the South Carolina Research Authority

S.309 would essentially double the budget of the SC Research Authority, a state-owned venture capital firm by doubling the cap on available tax credits for the “Industry Partnership Trust Fund”. The cap would increase to $12 million (from $6 million), but decrease the individual tax credit from $2 million to $250,000. It would also prevent […]

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Regulations for electric fences

S.109 would impose regulations on electric fences used in security systems. Installers would be subject to fence height and power limitations, sign posting rules and even a requirement that the battery must be charged primarily by solar panel. Individuals who violate these rules could face fines of up to five thousand dollars. While certain safety […]

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Bans cell phones in prisons

S.156 would codify Department of Corrections’ (SCDC) current policy by making it illegal for a person to bring a telecommunication device (including cellphones, laptops and handheld radios) into any state or local prison or jail without permission. A violation of this law would carry a penalty of up to three years in prison and the […]

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Gas tax bill revenue diverted to interstate widening program

S.5 would divert gas-tax-bill revenue away from road repair and into a new interstate widening fund. The fund – controlled by the S.C. Transportation Infrastructure Bank (STIB) – would be used to finance revenue bonds for the construction of new lanes on “mainline interstates”, in addition to any rehabilitation projects necessary to add new lanes. […]

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Stripping some of the Governor’s interim appointment power

S.1 would undercut the Governor’s power to make interim appointments when the legislature is not in session. If this bill becomes law, the Governor will not be able to make any interim appointments if a) the office became vacant before the previous legislative session, or b) if the Senate rejected his previous appointee. This creates […]

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What is Tax Conformity, and What Does It Mean for SC Taxpayers?

UPDATE 10/5/18: The Senate’s version of the tax conformity bill passed both houses this week and was signed by the Governor.   Lawmakers left one major question unanswered when they left Columbia earlier this year: How will the South Carolinian’s state income tax be calculated next year? The General Assembly will address this when they […]

Where does S.C. Stand on School District Consolidation?

Each year, the state spends millions on duplicative administrative positions that could be used in the classroom. Instead of overhauling South Carolina’s antiquated school district model, lawmakers have historically taken little action towards true reform. One small step in the right direction was a proviso inserted this year’s budget allowing the Superintendent of Education to […]

General Assembly to Censor Video Games and Movies?

Lawmakers often wait until the closing weeks of session to drop their most controversial bills. This year was no exception, with H.5218 and H.5219 aiming to censor gun violence in digital entertainment. The former would make it illegal to sell video games depicting gun violence, and the latter would prohibit theaters or other streaming services […]