Weekly Legislative Update: May 7 – May 9, 2019

What they did: Lawmakers adjourned sine die this week, ending the 2019 legislative session – except for at least one special session later this month. Lawmakers have still not passed the budget, despite five months to do so and a process laid out in state law designed to make passing a budget both transparent and efficient. Lawmakers […]

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Bills filed during 5/7/19 – 5/9/19

Individual Rights S.841 – Unlawful to sell handgun to a minor/ illegal for minor to possess a handgun (with limited exceptions), unlawful to sell firearm to drug users, person identified as “mentally defective” and anyone with any outstanding restraining order related to stalking/harassment, expands confiscatory power of police for crimes committed with a “firearm” Ethics […]

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Happenings SC State House

Weekly Legislative Update: Apr 30 – May 2, 2019

  What they did: Despite next week being the last week of the legislative session, lawmakers did not send the budget to conference committee. Next week, the House will get one more chance to amend the budget and add provisos, and the Senate will get an up-or-down vote on the most recent House budget. If […]

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Weekly Legislative Update: Apr 23 – Apr 25, 2019

What they did: This week, the House passed H.4332, a bill which would allow economic development bonds to be issued for freight projects. The bill also creates a special class of economic development project called “strategic infrastructure project” which could be exempted from job creation requirements. The House added language limiting borrowing to $50 million per strategic infrastructure […]

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Bills filed during 4/30/19 – 5/2/19

Taxing and Spending H.4532 – Revises sales tax policy, sets sales tax at 3%, subjects a number of services to taxation, eliminates certain exemptions, creates new tax reserve fund S.819 – If an SC resident pays the “infrastructure maintenance fee” on a vehicle, leaves the state, and then returns, they do not have to pay […]

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South Carolina Gun Restrictions

Multiple bills threaten the Second Amendment

This year, lawmakers have filed a number of bills to restrict the right of South Carolinians to keep and bear arms. Below are some of the most aggressive bills, and their current status.   H.3275: Seizure of weapons without due process   Known as “red flag” legislation, H.3275 would allow a judge to order the […]

Weekly Legislative Update: Apr 17 – Apr 18, 2019

What they did: This week the House was on spring break, and the Senate debated the $29.6 billion budget adopted by the Senate Finance Committee. The Senate budget is largely similar to the House budget, but spends $243 million more. A few key elements of the Senate Finance spending plan include: $41.4 million for a […]

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Bills filed during 4/23/19 – 4/25/19

Government Structure and Reform S.780 – DOT shall examine feasibility of funding bridge and highway projects with tolls, tolls could operate indefinitely, federal match requirement is removed S.785 – Sine die adjournment bill. The Legislature will reconvene May 20 – 22 for the budget vetoes, appointments, local legislation, and matters to do with Santee Cooper […]

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Weekly Legislative Update: Apr 9 – Apr 11, 2019

What they did: Lawmakers in both chambers passed a flurry of bills this week in advance of the Wednesday crossover deadline. According to legislative rules, any bill that passes one chamber after April 10 cannot be heard in the opposite chamber without a two-thirds majority vote. Accordingly, bills that did not make the crossover deadline […]

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Weekly Legislative Update: Apr 2 – Apr 4, 2019

What lawmakers did: It has been a busy week at the State House, as any bills that do not cross over to the opposite chamber by next Wednesday (April 10) cannot be considered this year without a two-thirds majority. Accordingly, a number of bills passed both chambers this week. The House Education Committee passed a […]

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