Bills filed during 5/11/21 – 5/13/21

Medical/Covid S.803 – Declaring that the Senate does not consent to extending the COVID-19 state of emergency without express consent of the General Assembly H.4388 – Banning mask mandates in schools and on school buses  H.4391 – Prohibiting businesses, educational institutions, or state/local government buildings from requiring proof of covid vaccination to gain entrance or […]

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Examining South Carolina’s massive proposed budget

While the 2021 regular legislative session ends this week, lawmakers are set to return to Columbia in June – possibly on three separate occasions – to address a number of matters as allowed per the end-of-session rules, or “sine die” resolution. The most immediate of these legislative responsibilities is passing the state budget, as the […]

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Bills filed during 5/4/21 – 5/6/21

Regulations H.4324 – Proposing a state constitutional amendment to lift the sales restriction on liquor between 7pm and 9am  H.4318 – Cable service providers must provide refunds for interruptions in service  S.793 – Employers are not allowed to consider or request disclosure of the criminal record of an applicant for employment until after the candidate […]

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Bills filed during 4/27/21 – 4/29/21

Government Structure H.4283 – Allowing the S.C. Supreme Court to declare a “Judicial Emergency”, which would let it delay hearings and deadlines, relocate court operations, and would overall broadly expand the court’s power and discretion during the emergency  H.4285 – Establishing the end-of-session rules (sine die). Scheduling special sessions during June, at which point lawmakers […]

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What’s going on with Santee Cooper?

UPDATE as of 5/7/21: This week, the House voted to keep the option to explore selling Santee Cooper in H.3194, while adopting some of the Senate’s “reform” measures, including those that would increase lawmakers’ power over the utility. The Senate version of the bill does not contain the option of selling Santee Cooper. Because of […]

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Bills filed during 4/20/21 – 4/22/21

Elections H.4255 – Numerous voting law changes: 1)  requiring poll workers wear body cameras; 2) journalists may not come within 200 yards of entrance of a voting place unless coming only to vote; 3) Voting machines must be equipped with GPS; 4) only the executive director of the State Election Commission may release unofficial election […]

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Bills filed during 4/13/21 – 4/15/21

Criminal Justice H.4210 – Making it a felony to give out the private address, phone number or email of an elected official or government employee with the intent to intimidate, harass or threaten, punishable by up to five years in prison  H.4213 – A judge may issue a search warrant to search for and seize […]

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Requiring businesses serving liquor to earn majority of their revenue from food, non-alcoholic drinks

S.536, which received a committee hearing Wednesday, would require businesses serving liquor-based drinks to earn at least 51% of their total revenue from food and non-alcoholic beverages. The bill would expand South Carolina’s already restrictive liquor laws, which don’t recognize traditional bars or nightclubs.    Instead, any business (with exceptions for hotels and micro distilleries) […]

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Bills filed during 4/6/21 – 4/8/21

Criminal Justice H.4149 – Limiting the amount of monetary compensation a whistleblower on public utilities can recover from litigation and allowing the utility to fire the whistleblower if it is determined they made the claim in bad faith or on a technical violation H.4141 – Allowing people to participate in pretrial intervention programs (for certain […]

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Bills update 2021: what passed and what to watch

Last week (Saturday, April 10) was the 2021 crossover deadline, which means bills that failed to pass one chamber (House or Senate) and cross to the other by this date would need a two-thirds vote to be considered. As this is the first year in a two-year session, bills that failed to meet this deadline […]

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