Property rights threatened by new eminent domain bill for private companies

EMINENT DOMAIN FOR PIPELINE COMPANIES? A recently filed bill (S.1100) would give private petroleum pipeline companies the power to condemn state residents’ property through eminent domain. It would also classify these companies as public utilities and subject the construction and expansion of pipelines to state approval. . How it would work Eminent domain is a […]

Weekly Legislative Update – February 11 – 13, 2020

What they did: This week, lawmakers received the Department of Administration’s (DOA) report of the top proposals for the disposal of state-owned utility Santee Cooper. Last year, lawmakers passed legislation instructing the DOA to hire experts and collect, evaluate and recommend proposals for the sale, external management, and internal reform of Santee Cooper. The DOA […]

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Bills filed during 2/18/20 – 2/20/20

Taxation and Spending  H.5234 – Department of Aging must pay for emergency response systems for seniors who cannot afford them and do not qualify for similar federal program H.5261 – Creating an expansive list of specific military-oriented license plates and giving former prisoners of war free registration of vehicles  S.1117 – Allows payment plans for […]

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Weekly Legislative Update: February 4 – 7, 2020

What they did: This week at the State House, lawmakers elected 17 judges in uncontested legislative elections, as all contesting candidates had dropped out by the time the elections were held. All but one of these judges were elected by voice votes over audible-but-unrecognized objections, despite the state constitution’s requirement (Article 3, Section 20) that voice votes […]

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Bills filed during 2/11/20 – 2/13/20

Regulations S.1108 – Required registration of fertile pit bulls at the cost of $500 annually  H.5227 – Adding “other on track equipment” to the list of things that require you to stop at a railroad crossing    H.5228 – Water utilities must provide information on the purity level of the water on the bill to […]

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Weekly Legislative Update: Jan 28 – Jan 30, 2020

What they did: This week, the Senate passed S.996 (legislation to extend the Public Service Commission candidate filing and screening period) after tweaking the diversity language inserted by the House last week. The bill will now go back to the House for yet another vote, despite the fact that according to the new proposed schedule, the advertisement […]

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Bills filed during 2/4/20 – 2/7/20

Elections S.1083 – If you vote in a party primary in 2020, you may only vote in that same party’s primary in all future elections through 2024. Regulations S.1077 – Establishment of a neonatal intensive care unit level 3 does not need a certificate of need if it is in a licensed hospital, or if […]

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Bills filed during 1/28/20 – 1/30/20

Ethics H.5027 – No legislator may pledge to vote for a candidate for a judicial office, legislators may not pressure a candidate to drop out of an election for judicial office Regulations  H.5029 – A Nonprofit that grosses one billion or more and reduces their staff by 100 must present a report and representatives to […]

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Weekly Legislative Update: Jan 21 – Jan 23, 2020

What they did: This week the House passed H.4819 – legislation to pay local Union County transportation officials out of gas-tax dollars for attending their meetings (SCPC analysis). It should be noted that in addition to diverting gas-tax revenue away from road repair, this bill also violates the constitutional prohibition on special, locally targeted bills. However, the […]

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Lawmakers double down on Second Amendment attacks

MULTIPLE BILLS ATTACK SOUTH CAROLINIANS’ RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS A growing number of bills filed by lawmakers would erode South Carolinians’ Second Amendment rights. In recent weeks, five bills were introduced that push for gun confiscation powers, banning certain firearms, and severely limiting their access – all of which would violate the rights […]