Education “reforms” focused on workforce rather than education

Update as of 3/2/20: The Senate version of this bill has received a high volume of amendments. As such, specific details contained in this summary may be out of date. Both bills’ workforce elements, however, largely remain the same. We are currently in the process making all necessary updates.  Addressing public education was a top […]

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S.203 – Provides criteria for school district consolidation

S.203 would create a new series of criteria for school district consolidation. Specifically, if any school district met two of the following conditions, it would be consolidated: The district has an average student population of less than 1,500 The district contains a school with an accreditation status of “probation” or “denied” The district is deemed […]

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Where does S.C. Stand on School District Consolidation?

Each year, the state spends millions on duplicative administrative positions that could be used in the classroom. Instead of overhauling South Carolina’s antiquated school district model, lawmakers have historically taken little action towards true reform. One small step in the right direction was a proviso inserted this year’s budget allowing the Superintendent of Education to […]

Friday Follies: Selling Seashells by the Seashore, No More

Just in case it wasn’t abundantly clear, South Carolina lawmakers want to make sure citizens know that it is not illegal to pick up sea shells by the seashore – unless of course, you intend to sell them without a license. H.5110 would require a person who wants to sell “sea shells, shark or fish […]

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S.41 – Mandating free school breakfast and lunch

This bill would mandate that lunch be provided to South Carolina public school students at no charge to the students. While schools do currently provide breakfast and lunch, the students and their families must pay unless they qualify for free or reduced-price meals. Moreover, only the breakfast program is mandatory for all schools, under current […]

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H.4386 & H.4810 – Metal detectors in public schools

Two bills filed by the House would change security policy in South Carolina’s schools. H.4386 would require that metal detectors be installed at the public entrances of every public school in the state. “Public entrances” are defined as the main entrance to each school building, gymnasium, and football stadium. Secondary doors and service entrances would […]

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H.4814 – Legislating procedures for mold inspection in local schools

This bill spells out procedures for dealing with mold in public school facilities. It tasks both the State Board of Education (SBOE) and the Department of Education (DOE) with developing procedures, policies and standards for mold inspection, removal, containment, abatement of the original cause of the mold, public notification, record-keeping, and reporting. However, the SBOE’s […]

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S.888 – Schools may compensate teachers for unused vacation days

This bill would allow local school districts to compensate public and charter school teachers for any sick or vacations days earned but not used. This creates an additional teacher incentive, but it is at the discretion of the school district whether or not to implement it. The bill would not overrule any existing teacher incentive […]

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H.4389 – Privatization of school buses

This bill would privatize the state’s school bus fleet. Under current law, school bus transportation is controlled by the State Board of Education and funded by the state. This bill would delegate student transportation responsibility to the local school districts, who could either fund and manage their own school bus fleet or outsource student transportation […]

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university of sc - usc

Why USC’s Budget Proviso Is Unconstitutional

SOUTH CAROLINA’S FLAGSHIP UNIVERSITY GOES AROUND THE LAW Recently the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education found itself the subject of debate in newspapers and on the Senate floor. A quick background: In many other states, some board or agency – usually a board of regents – has power to govern the state’s system of […]

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