Multiple bills threaten the Second Amendment

This year, lawmakers have filed a number of bills to restrict the right of South Carolinians to keep and bear arms. Below are some of the most aggressive bills, and their current status.   H.3275: Seizure of weapons without due process   Known as “red flag” legislation, H.3275 would allow a judge to order the […]

Lawmakers Reintroduce Data Warehouse

Download as a pdf » UPDATE: This bill passed the House 92-8, with an amendment slightly tweaking some of the language, amending the membership of the WEDOC, and combining the membership and goals of two other boards. The amendment does not materially change the bill, however. It will now go to the Senate.   The […]

General Assembly to Censor Video Games and Movies?

Lawmakers often wait until the closing weeks of session to drop their most controversial bills. This year was no exception, with H.5218 and H.5219 aiming to censor gun violence in digital entertainment. The former would make it illegal to sell video games depicting gun violence, and the latter would prohibit theaters or other streaming services […]

Property Rights Threatened by Lawmakers’ Economic Development Interests

REMOVING CITIZENS’ POWER TO HOLD THEIR NEIGHBORS ACCOUNTABLE? UPDATE: The final version of the bill placed parameters on the bill’s scope, but the core of the proposal – the violation of property rights – remains the same. The amended version defines “reasonable expansion,” and only allows the nuisance exemption to be transferred to another facility if […]

H.3700 – Constitutional carry

H.3700 is a full constitutional carry bill. Anyone over 21 who is legally allowed to own a handgun in the state could carry that handgun in public, either openly or concealed, without the requirement of a concealed weapons permit (CWP). This bill would still allow businesses to restrict weapons on their premises if they have […]

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S.158 and S.159 – 28-Day Waiting Period for Background Checks

S.158 and S.159 create additional roadblocks to obtaining a firearm. When a firearms dealer performs a federal background check on a buyer or transferee through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), these bills would require a twenty-eight day wait for the check to come through. If the dealer has not been contacted by NICS […]

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S.155 – Officers can’t Stop People from Recording and Taking Pictures of Them

S.155 would protect the right of individuals to record or photograph law enforcement officers while performing their law enforcement duties, provided the officer is in a public place, public view, or a private place where the individual has a right to be present. This would not apply to individuals being arrested. As law enforcement officers […]

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H.3407 – Certain Officers Enter State Parks Free of Charge

H.3407 permits constables, reserve police officers, volunteer firefighters, and members of the state guard to enter state parks free of charge. This creates a special class of citizens by bestowing a privilege on certain public servants that other South Carolinians do not receive.

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S.310 – Allowing Camden to Annex a Specific Property by Ordinance

S.310 would permit the town of Camden to annex a specific commercial property by ordinance after finding “that the commercial property, including its improvements, constitutes a danger to the safety and health of the community by reason of lack of ventilation, light, and sanitary facilities, dilapidation, deleterious land use, or any combination of these factors.” […]

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S.88 – Liability for Prohibiting Concealed Carry

S.88 would make property owners who prohibit concealed carry on their premises liable for any injury that CWP holders may suffer during the commission of a crime on those premises. This measure is both unjust and ill-advised due to the voluntary nature of CWP holders’ presence on gun-free premises. This bill also allows permitless carry […]

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