S.5 – Gas tax bill revenue diverted to interstate widening program

S.5 would divert gas-tax-bill revenue away from road repair and into a new interstate widening fund. The fund – controlled by the S.C. Transportation Infrastructure Bank (STIB) – would be used to finance revenue bonds for the construction of new lanes on “mainline interstates”, in addition to any rehabilitation projects necessary to add new lanes. […]

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S.301 – Reforming the Department of Transportation

S.301 would eliminate the Commission of Transportation and transfer the Commission’s authority to the Secretary of Transportation. The Secretary would be a gubernatorial appointment with Senate confirmation. The bill would also abolish the Joint Transportation Review Committee. This is an excellent reform that would help restore accountability to the DOT. The current system of legislative […]

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H.3088 – Gas Tax Advisory Referendum

H.3088 is a joint resolution to conduct an advisory referendum in the 2018 election to gauge voters’ support for a gas tax increase. The question would ask if voters would be in favor of increasing the motor fuel tax and the road tax for the next ten years for a total of ten cents per gallon. […]

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