H.3250 – Creating a new state entitlement program to supplement SNAP

H.3250 – would create a state entitlement program to supplement federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, or food stamps) dollars in an attempt to incentivize SNAP recipients to buy fruit and vegetables. This program would be called the “Fruit and Vegetable SNAP Grant Program.” Under this program, every time an individual used his SNAP benefits […]

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H.3137 – Altering the Local Government Fund

H.3137 would lift the requirement that the Local Government Fund (LGF) receive 4.5% of last year’s general fund revenues. LGF funds are distributed to counties and municipalities based on a formula, and local governments depend on these funds for their own budgets. Lawmakers routinely ignore this law, suspending it every year by budget proviso and […]

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S.295 – Steep penalties for using public office for personal gain

S.295 would make it a felony for public officials and employees to use their office for personal gain. This would include the enrichment of themselves, friends or family members, and would also extend to influencing government decisions that could benefit them or an associated business. Penalties would include a minimum five-year prison sentence and fine […]

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S.289 – Local government transparency requirements

S.289 would impose thorough transparency requirements on local governments. Under this bill, counties, municipalities and school districts would have to post the following information on their websites: elected officials’ contact information, meeting agendas, FOIA guidelines, budget data, contracts with lobbyists, employee compensation, etc. On top of this, they would have set up a searchable database […]

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S.285, H.3070 – Constitutional amendment to allow governor to appoint judges

S.285 would place a constitutional amendment on the ballot allowing the governor to appoint judges with the advice and consent of the Senate (currently they’re elected by the General Assembly). While allowing the governor to appoint judges would go a long way toward restoring judicial independence – a vital element of ending legal corruption – […]

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S. 228 – Creates mini-government within Tri-County Technical College

This bill would create a powerful mini-government within the Tri-County Technical College for the purpose of driving economic development. This new entity – called an “enterprise authority” – would have the power to issue revenue bonds on behalf of the college, collect fees for undefined purposes, and possibly even exercise eminent domain. Such bonds must […]

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S.207 – Seniors will keep homestead exemption during a stay at a nursing home

S.207 – would allow seniors who move to a nursing home or residential care facility to retain the homestead property tax exemption for their homes, as long as they intend to return to their home eventually. Currently the tax assessment could be lost in that situation, as the owner must reside in the home. This […]

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S.214 – Collecting sales tax from online retailers

S.214 – is an attempt to capture sales tax from online retailers like Amazon or Ebay, based on a Supreme Court case that was decided last year. The case (South Dakota v. Wayfair) essentially overturned a previous ruling which claimed that in order for a state to demand sales tax, the company must have a […]

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S.326 – Moving funds from SLED to reimburse costs of PTSD in firefighters and EMTs

S.326 is a resolution ordering the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) to pay $250,000 out of their current budget to the SC Firefighters Association. This money would go to reimburse firefighters and emergency medical technicians who incur “mental injury” (an undefined term) for out-of-pocket costs that are not covered by insurance or workers’ compensation. The […]

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S.13 – Regulates display of barber poles

S.13 would make it illegal for an individual or business to display a barber pole for the purpose of offering barber services without a barber’s license, with penalties of up to a year of jail time and five thousand dollars in fines for violating this section. This is simply more regulation on an industry that […]

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