Bills filed during 3/26/19 – 3/28/19

Criminal Law S.723 – Illegal to use a phone while driving 1st offense $100 2nd is $300 and 2 points H.4297 – Additional punishment for committing crimes while on bail, and add crimes that cannot get bail including; domestic violence in the 1st or 2nd degree, criminal sexual conduct in the 3rd degree, and strong […]

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Bills filed during 3/19/19 – 3/21/19

Government Structure and Reform: H.4258 – Creates a new state retirement plan for private businesses H.4259 – Public officials DUI records subject to FOIA H.4260 – Regulates Santee Cooper through board qualifications and whistleblower protections H.4261 – Creates a new Santee Cooper oversight agency comprised of lawmakers 4265 – Expands jurisdiction of a public water […]

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Bills filed during 3/12/19 – 3/14/19

Government structure and reform S.636 – Workers’ compensation can be based on medical records, instead of medical advice. Both are admissible in appeals process. S.637 – Public employees’ drug test results are subject to FOIA, if the test was requested by the employer due to an accident or incident S.638 – Prohibits local internet monopolies […]

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Bills filed during 3/5/19 – 3/7/19

Government structure and reform H.4213–  Creates interim appointment process for county board of voter registration H.4191  – Amends ethics laws, disclosure must include consultant jobs, changes definition of “committee” to include legislative caucus S.601 – Tightens rules for persons residing or working in foster homes S.609 – Creates advisory council for pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome […]

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S.323 – Streamlining Department of Revenue’s process finding tax debtor’s bank accounts

S.323 would allow the Department of Revenue (DOR) to get bank account information of tax debtors from the banks, rather than requiring DOR to get it from the debtor. Current law already allows the DOR to put a lien on assets to confiscate what is needed to settle the tax debt (through a warrant of […]

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S.203 – Provides criteria for school district consolidation

S.203 would create a new series of criteria for school district consolidation. Specifically, if any school district met two of the following conditions, it would be consolidated: The district has an average student population of less than 1,500 The district contains a school with an accreditation status of “probation” or “denied” The district is deemed […]

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Bill would give subpoena power to legislative delegations

A concerning new bill filed this week – H.3934 – would allow committees created by county legislative delegations to subpoena any state or local government agency, board, commission, etc. and/or their representatives and records. This is a startling – and unnecessary – amount of power to give to a legislative delegation. Standing legislative committees already […]

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S.61 – Allows the governor to fire workers’ comp commissioners

S.61 would allow the governor to remove members from the Workers’ Compensation Commission at will, and would reinstate term limits for the chairman position, at a maximum of two. Currently, the governor can only remove members for cause, which includes malfeasance, incompetency, conflicts of interest, etc. This change would make the commission more accountable to […]

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Lawmakers Reintroduce Data Warehouse

Download as a pdf » UPDATE: This bill passed the House 92-8, with an amendment slightly tweaking some of the language, amending the membership of the WEDOC, and combining the membership and goals of two other boards. The amendment does not materially change the bill, however. It will now go to the Senate.   The […]

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S.290 – Allowing curbside pickup of beer and wine

S.290 would allow retailers to offer curbside pickup of beer and wine. Customers under this bill may pre-purchase beer and wine online from a retailer, but must follow rules on where to park and certify they are at least 21 years old. Retailers would also be subject to stricter inventory management rules. Retailers who violate […]

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