H. 3005 – Fire Alarms

H. 3005 would determine how every residential building in the state will protect themselves from fire by installing certain types of fire and smoke alarms.  Strong penalties are enforced for non-compliance, with fines starting at 500 dollars for the first offense.

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H. 3085 – Minimum Wage Increase

H. 3085 would set the minimum wage in the state to $10.10 an hour.  While this bill, and the many that have come before it, are well intentioned, they ignore basic principles of sound economics in order to create legislation that sounds and feels good.  This bill ignores the negative impact that minimum wage hikes have […]

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S.182, H.3450 – Licensing for Electrologists and Electrology Instructors

S.182 and H.3450 require licensing by the Board of Medical Examiners for the practice of electrology and for electrology instruction. The bill creates the Electrology Licensure Committee which would consist of five members appointed by the Governor. The Committee members would receive per diem, mileage, and subsistence and would oversee and implement electrologist licensing and regulations. […]

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S.141, S.142 – Constitutional Amendment to Create & Advisory Question Referendum Regarding a State Minimum Wage

S.141 would amend the Constitution to require a state minimum wage that is at least one dollar more than the federal minimum wage, must be adjusted annually for inflation, and would provide civil causes of action and legal relief for violation. S.142 would place a non-binding advisory question on the ballot regarding a state-imposed minimum […]

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S.115 – Mandatory Alcohol Server Training and Certification

S.115 would require anyone hired to serve alcohol at locations licensed for on-site alcohol consumption and their managers to receive alcohol server training by an approved provider and be certified by the Department of Revenue. The Department would be permitted to charge fees for authorized training programs and for alcohol server certificates. This bill also […]

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S.84 – Allowing Brewpubs to Sell Beer at Trade Shows, etc.

S.84 allows brewpubs to sell beer at promotional shows, trade shows, fairs, festivals, and carnivals for less than twelve consecutive days.  Current law limits brewpubs to selling beer only on the locations covered by their permits. The alcohol industry is one of the most overregulated industries in the state. This bill is a very small […]

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H.3311 – New Workforce Programs, Grant Fund, Tax Credit

H.3311 would create a Pathways Initiative to target workforce development and increase employment. One of the programs included in this initiative would invest in school-to-workforce development with a focus on industries with a critical workforce shortage. Another program would invest in workforce development, technical education, and job placement for adults. This bill would also create […]

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H.3078 – Creating Official Anthem of South Carolina

H.3078 would declare “Dum Spiro Spero” (translated as “While I Breathe, I Hope”) the official state anthem. As that phrase is already one of two official state mottos, and South Carolina already has two official state songs, it is unclear what is meant by the term “anthem,” particularly since “anthem” is defined as a musical […]

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H. 3327 – Restroom Accomodation

H. 3327 would require businesses to provide restrooms to their customers.  While this may seem sensible, it is improper to dictate what services a business must provide for their customers.  Whether or not a business provides restroom access is hardly a pressing state interest

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S. 188 – Minimum Wage Increase

S. 188 would raise the state minimum wage in the state by making the new minimum wage at least 1 dollar above the federal minimum wage by the rate of inflation.  While well intentioned, this bill would attempt to legislatively set a wage that would not have any bearing on the actual value of individual workers. […]

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