What Would the Founders Do about Our Income Tax?

WOULD THE FOUNDERS BE SATISFIED WITH JUST ‘SIMPLIFYING’ THE INCOME TAX CODE? Among the several tax-related bills we analyzed in our annual guide, The Best & Worst of the General Assembly, is legislation purporting to simplify the state’s tax code and lower taxes on South Carolinians. H.3266 would reduce the state’s current six income tax brackets […]

Why the State Budget Grows … No Matter What

FINES AND FEES GO UP WHEN TAX REVENUES ARE DOWN … AND WHEN THEY’RE UP, TOO For the last decade, the majority party in both chambers of the legislature has frequently claimed to espouse the principles of limited government and spending restraint. It’s striking, then, that in no sense has government been limited during these […]

The Good, the Bad, the Improvable, & the Shockingly Egregious

PRE-FILED LEGISLATION, ROUND 1 GOOD: Prohibiting Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying H.3152 would make it unlawful for a state entity to spend public money on a lobbyist.  Taxpayer-funded lobbying is one of the key drivers of budget increases as it essentially gives money to people who in turn use that money to try to influence an increase in […]

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An Interstate Compact: Serious option or political gesture?

UNFORTUNATELY, THE LATTER State legislators eager to escape Obamacare’s restrictive mandates have united behind the interstate healthcare compact, a single piece of state legislation they expect to free them from having to obey federal law. S 836, recently passed in the Senate [update: it has now passed the House], would make South Carolina an official […]

SCPC and The Basitat Society Co-sponsor Event With Reason Magazine

Recently the Policy Council was delighted to sponsor a book signing, round table discussion, and reception featuring Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch, longtime editors of Reason Magazine and authors of the recently released book The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What’s Wrong with America. The event was sponsored by our friends at The Bastiat Society of Charleston, and attended by members and supporters of both organizations.

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$16 Muffins and the Case for Limited Government

By now, you’ve probably heard about the $16 muffins. In case you haven’t, the inspector general at the U.S. Department of Justice found that DOJ officials were paying more than $8 for cups of coffee, $32 per person for Cracker Jacks, and $16 for muffins.

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What is the South Carolina Research Authority?

What is the South Carolina Research Authority?

That question was asked at a recent meeting of the House Ways & Means Committee – and not a single lawmaker had an answer. Here are 10 things you should know about our state’s “Research Authority.”

Special Legislative Report

Download the pdf Business as Usual in South Carolina The General Assembly has just completed this year’s South Carolina legislative session—one it seemed would never end. With it, some things have changed, and some things are—just as expected—exactly the same. It’s business as usual in South Carolina. Out-of-control spending, over-regulation, and an out-of-touch Legislature determined […]

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Federal Spending in South Carolina: How Does Your County Rank?

  South Carolina is heavily dependent on federal funding, raising questions regarding the state’s fiscal autonomy, as well as its approach to budgeting. But who, really, is getting this money? At the state level, federal funding accounts for 39 percent of the proposed, total FY10-2011 state budget. At the county level, however, federal expenditures vary […]

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Cut the Budget … By Cutting Length of Session

Download the PDF. As the S.C. legislative session finally comes to a close this week, it’s worth asking whether lawmakers are making good use of their time – and taxpayer dollars.   As the chart from the National Conference of State Legislatures indicates below, South Carolina’s legislative session is one of the longest in the […]

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