Update on the Gas Tax Revenue and the STIB

Last June, SCPC revealed in an analysis that revenue from the proposed gas tax hike (now law) was written with the intent to divert the new revenue from the fund dedicated to road repairs to the SC State Infrastructure Bank (STIB). In that report, we explained that the bill included a provision that would allow […]

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The SC Energy Crisis: An Update

The energy crisis in South Carolina – triggered by SCE&G’s abandonment of the V.C. Summer nuclear construction project – has been in limbo for nearly a year. Despite months of legislative busywork, relatively little has changed: Regulators have not determined who must pay for the abandoned project, and the energy regulatory system remains unreformed. Here […]

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What’s in the final House budget?

A few weeks ago, the House passed their first version of the state appropriations bill. After it was amended by the Senate, the budget returned to the House for another round of extensive revisions before going to conference committee. Budget conferees are tasked with developing a compromise between the final House and Senate versions to […]

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Bills update: What to watch, what passed, what didn’t

By the time the legislative session ended last Thursday, a number of significant bills had either passed or failed. However, due to the sine die resolution which scheduled two special sessions (the first of which lawmakers cancelled) with the possibility of a third this summer to consider specified topics, a number of bills are still in […]

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Is the Legislative Session Over? Not Exactly.

UPDATE: Lawmakers have cancelled the May special session and postponed all business (including consideration of the budget) until the June session (27-28).    In theory, the 2018 legislative session ended last Thursday, May 10. However, session is far from over. Before leaving town, lawmakers passed a sine die resolution allowing at least two special sessions over […]

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SC Energy Nuclear Reactor Failure

“Relief” Bill Leaves Ratepayers on the Hook for Nuclear Project

A bill – S.954 – targeting current and future utility rates has passed both the House and the Senate as slightly different versions, and is now in conference committee. Here are the key takeaways:   This legislation… Does not permanently eliminate V.C. Summer rate hikes – it only lifts them temporarily, for a range of […]

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General Assembly to Censor Video Games and Movies?

Lawmakers often wait until the closing weeks of session to drop their most controversial bills. This year was no exception, with H.5218 and H.5219 aiming to censor gun violence in digital entertainment. The former would make it illegal to sell video games depicting gun violence, and the latter would prohibit theaters or other streaming services […]

South Carolina budget legislation

Takeaways from the Senate Budget

Earlier this month the Senate amended and passed the House budget, and the House is currently debating further amendments prior to sending the bill to conference committee. While the Senate did not add much to the bottom line – the increase is around $15 million, making the total budget $28.5 billion– senators did slip in […]

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Senate Passes Unconstitutional Bill in “Phantom Session”

Yesterday, a brand-new piece of legislation was filed, bypassed the committee process, and was scheduled for second reading on Friday – all in the span of two minutes. This is particularly significant for two reasons: One, the bill is blatantly unconstitutional; and two, the Senate does not hold session on Fridays. 1. Unconstitutional local legislation […]

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South Carolina Legislation

Crossover Update: Bills Unlikely to Pass this Year

At this point in the legislative session, one can predict with a certain degree of accuracy which bills will not become law this year. This is due to a legislative rule that bills originating in the House which have not crossed over to the Senate by April 10 (and vice versa) cannot be considered by […]

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