South Carolinas Dilemma: Increase Taxes or Reform Medicaid?

South Carolina is facing a serious crisis in providing funding for healthcare services to low-income persons through its Medicaid program. Clearly policymakers are faced with a critical dilemma either increase taxes to cover the funding shortfall for this program or actually sit down and evaluate the effectiveness of the entire Medicaid system. Yet even before […]

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Lottery Revenues Not Stable

Written by: John Hill PhD. In a letter earlier this month to the states Chamber of Commerce, Governor Hodges attempted to woo its members into supporting his education lottery plan on the grounds it would allow South Carolina to join the 37 other states that have successful lotteries. The states Board of Economic Advisors has […]

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What’s Best for Social Security

Written by: US Representative Mark Stanford The debate about whether or not to reform Social Security, while very slow getting started, has finally boiled down to the central question not of whether private markets will be used in fixing Social Security, but who should be in control of investment in those markets, you or the […]

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No Taxation Through Litigation

Written by: Peter J. Ferrara In his State of the Union Address in January, 1999, President Clinton announced that the Justice Dept. is preparing a litigation plan to take the tobacco companies to court. Clinton had ordered the Justice Dept. to sue cigarette manufacturers to recover the alleged costs paid by Medicare to treat smoking […]

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