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What are Budget ‘provisos’? Provisos are lines in the state budget that give temporary authorizations for the use of state money. Like federal earmarks, they’re usually inserted into the budget by individual legislators.

From the Senate Finance Committee’s budget . . .

  • $5 million for local economic development planners to run the economy.
  • The Ports Authority can continue to use taxpayer dollars for advertising, which they call the “cargo diversification strategy.”
  • A House proviso would have prevented state agencies from paying lobbyists – but Senate Finance says agencies wanting to pay lobbyists with taxpayer dollars are still free to do so.
  • The Education Oversight Committee, which would have been suspended by a House proviso on the grounds that it has outlived its purpose, is reinstated by the Senate.

Senate Finance also kept a number of provisos from the House budget . . .

  • For the sixth year in a row, $500,000 to study the feasibility of a new road (I-73/74).
  • A blank check for the Commerce Department to use in incentive deals.
  • More taxpayer dollars for tourism marketing campaigns.
  • Hefty tax rebates to Hollywood filmmakers.
  • Protection for salaries at the State House Gift Shop and the Santee Welcome Center.
  • The Budget and Control Board is collecting “rent” from state agencies – this includes $1.8 million in rent from the State Museum.
  • $500,000 to preserve historical artifacts.
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