Senate Finance Committee Deletes Some of the House’s Best Budget Ideas

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The Senate’s response to fiscal Sanity? Delete. The Senate is wrapping up their budget debates…So far it is $100 million more than the House version. Here’s a quick look at how the Senate Finance Committee has purged some of the House budget’s best ideas.

  • Stopping taxpayer-funded lobbying
    The Senate gutted a House proviso eliminating taxpayer-funded lobbying at several agencies and higher ed institutions.
  • Eliminating an unnecessary agency
    The House inserted a proviso to suspend the Education Oversight Committee (EOC), an administrative-heavy body that’s outlived its usefulness. The Senate deleted the proviso and expanded the Committee’s power.
  • Better budgeting practices
    The House inserted a proviso encouraging state agencies to take a more private-sector-oriented approach when faced with budget cuts. Deleted by the Senate.
  • Saving Transportation dollars
    This proviso would have allowed service plazas along highways. Service plazas allow motorists to stop, refuel, and patronize businesses without having to exit onto a secondary road – taking the burden of maintaining rest stops off the state’s hands. The Senate deleted the proviso.
  • Supporting core judicial functions
    This proviso would limit the number of central office staff for the Prosecution Coordination Commission. Savings from the cap would be allocated to core judicial services. The Senate’s decision? Delete.
  • Lowering Business Compliance Costs
    The South Carolina Business One Stop (SCBOS) is supposed to make it easier for businesses to conduct transactions. In an effort to make SBOS more efficient, the House inserted a proviso that would have required transparency from the agency. The Senate deleted it.

To read more proviso coverage from the Policy Council, see here.

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