Adjusting the Permissions Granted by a Beginner’s Permit for Motorcycles

H.4673 adjusts the restrictions of the beginner’s permit in the case of motorcycles, motor scooters, or light motor-driven cycles. Under current law, these vehicles may only be driven by a permit holder at night if accompanied by the permit holder’s motorcycle-licensed parent or guardian. Under this bill, the permit holder would only need to be accompanied by a licensed cycle operator at night.

This bill also removes the requirement that an accompanying driver sit directly behind the driver on a three-wheeled vehicle, instead requiring the accompanying driver to simply be within a safe viewing distance of the permittee. Finally, this bill requires permit holders to have an accompanying driver within a safe viewing distance while operating a motorcycle.

This bill lessens the restrictions on permit holders for the most part, making the process of learning to drive motorcycles and similar vehicles easier.

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