Allowing More Schools to Participate in Exceptional Needs Scholarship Program

S.907 would extend the application deadline for independent schools wishing to participate in the exceptional needs tax credit scholarship program from August 1 2015 to March 1 2016. Under the program if approved by the Education Oversight Committee an independent school would be eligible to receive scholarship dollars for exceptional needs children from a non-profit scholarship organization. Under the existing program individuals can receive a tax credit for donations to a non-profit scholarship organization that allocates all its grant funds to exceptional needs children.

The theory behind school choice is simple, a competitive market forces businesses/producers to provide a better product than a monopolistic market. While school choice programs should be expanded to encompass all students, expanding the number of options available within the current program will serve to improve the program for students who are currently eligible.

(Related H.4633 would move the application deadline for independent schools to May 1, 2016)

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