Bills filed during 2/11/20 – 2/13/20


  • S.1108 – Required registration of fertile pit bulls at the cost of $500 annually 
  • H.5227 – Adding “other on track equipment” to the list of things that require you to stop at a railroad crossing   
  • H.5228 – Water utilities must provide information on the purity level of the water on the bill to a consumer 
  • H.5232 – Prevents utilities from recovering cost for certain activities from ratepayers (lobbying, entertainment, fines, etc.) and allowing the PSC to audit them for these charges and charge them the cost of doing the audit, water and sewer utilities must create long term infrastructure plans and report them to the PSC  
  • H.5151 – Allows advertisement of the sale of a lien online 
  • H.5138 – Increases the limit of turkey tags to 3 for nonresident hunters
  • H.5140 – Putting specific requirements on filing for a legal claim of wrongful death, personal injury, property injury and bodily injuries
  • S.1099 – Limiting what can be obligated in a relationship between a brewer/importer and a beer wholesaler, limiting demands of advertisement and limiting access to other client’s information 
  • S.1100 – Petroleum companies must get a permit to build pipelines from the ORS in accordance to guidelines set by the PSC, petroleum companies will have the power of eminent domain 
  • S.1103 – Extending the duration of a prohibition on petroleum companies using eminent domain from November 30, 2020 to November 30, 2021
  • S.1107 – Makes potential bank creation subject to the approval of the Board of Financial Institutions, must pay a fee for the application to create a bank, it also changes regulations on when and how banks are examined
  • S.1111 – Ordering DHEC to promulgate regulations for maximum amount of certain chemicals allowed in drinking water
  • S.1093 – Removes some of DHEC’s regulatory control of “certificate of need” and puts it under the general assembly to be reviewed for consumer price index and inflation every 5 years, allows increase in bed in an Crisis stabilization unit if they can meet standards on the previous year’s occupancy (without a certificate of need), there shall be no judicial reviews of final decisions issued by the administrative law court on denial or approval of certificates of need

Criminal Justice

  • H.5229 – Removing protections for people rendering aid to an overdose victim and compelling a person who finds an overdose victim to call 911, and ordering Dept. of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services to create an awareness campaign  
  • H.5231 – If passing a slow moving vehicle a person may pass through a no passing zone    
  • S.1109 – If found guilty of a crime about an animal not including animal cruelty, a person may petition to get their pets back, must pass a test and pay a fee to get them.
  • H.5123 – Creating “Restoration Treatment” a 180 day or less program to make people who are not fit to stand trial, fit so they can stand trial. 

Government Structure 

  • S.1101 – Modifying the membership of the Renewable Water Resources (a water utility) board giving more Greenville representation and less to Spartanburg 
  • H.5125 – Creating the “Thirty-By-Thirty Taskforce” that is made up of the leadership of DNR, PRT, and the Conservation Bank tasked with protecting 30% of South Carolina’s landmass with enduring environmental protections by 2030
  • H.5139 – Creating the “Firefighters’ Cancer Fund” and paying for it with a premium tax on fire insurance already in existence  
  • H.5135 – Adding a definition for migratory waterfowl, repealing code creating the migratory waterfowl committee, repealing the stamp of migratory waterfowl in July
  • H.5152 – Creating the “Equine Industry Support Measures Study Committee”

Taxation and Spending 

  • S.1102 – Creates an income tax credit for an employer who established a group disability income protection plan for their employees
  • S.1094 – Allows a person on an E-2 visa that qualifies for the 4% assessment on property tax to get it 
  • H.5137 – Giving state employees 12 week family leave for birth, adoption, or fostering of a child 
  • H.5124 – If a firefighter leaves the department that hired him and trained him for another in the state within two years of starting, the new department must reimburse the other for the cost of training including salary. If they stayed with the original department for more than a year but not two, the new department only has to reimburse 50% 
  • H.5230 – Requiring prisons provide free feminine hygiene products to inmates    
  • H.5150 – When titling a vehicle or trailer you must pay an infrastructure maintenance fee, if you are “leasing to own” you only have to pay the fee at the initial leasing 


  • H.5148 – Resolution to make 2020 “The Year of the Eye Exam”
  • H.5136 – Resolution accepting the DOA recommendations on Santee Cooper
  • H.5149 – Designation of voting precincts in Saluda County

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