Bills filed during 2/18/20 – 2/20/20

Taxation and Spending 

  • H.5234 – Department of Aging must pay for emergency response systems for seniors who cannot afford them and do not qualify for similar federal program
  • H.5261 – Creating an expansive list of specific military-oriented license plates and giving former prisoners of war free registration of vehicles 
  • S.1117 – Allows payment plans for the registration of certain commercial vehicles and allows a person other than the legal owner to operate it if it is operated under a US DOT number assigned to the driver 

Criminal Justice

  • H.5270 – Illegal to possess, buy, or sell a long gun with a serial number that has been removed or obliterated or is known to be stolen 
  • H.5271 – Creating the felony of “Coercive control of another person” and creating a long list of what can be considered evidence including but not limited to; isolating a person from their friends and family, monitoring a person’s online behavior via spyware, threats, enforcing rules that degrade and humiliate. Does not apply to a legal guardian or parent relationship with a child.
  • H.5272 – Adding “undue influence” to the Omnibus adult protection act aimed at addressing people taking advantage of vulnerable adults, adding “extreme undue influence and psychologically damaging manipulation to the legal definition of “exploitation”


  • H.5241 – Allows the establishment of a sub-specialty perinatal care center without a certificate of need if they already have a licensed level 3 neonatal intensive care unit
  • H.5242 – Covenants not to compete between current / former employees and a nonprofit with over a billion in revenue are null and void 
  • H.5243 – No HOA, rental agreement, or contract can stop a person from flying the SC state flag
  • H.5273 – Extending the prohibition on pipeline companies using eminent domain by one year
  • S.1116 – Stops HOAs from foreclosing on homes, all HOA rules and regulations must be registered with the County they reside in and available to all 
  • H.5244 – Removing the exclusion of unprocessed hemp and non-sterile seeds from the definition of “hemp products” and to mandate the Dept. of Ag. issue IDs with licenses for professional handlers of hemp free of charge
  • S.1115 – To create a bank a person must apply with a fee to the Board of Financial Institutions for permission (they can deny and applicant for almost any reason i.e. consumer confidence, adequate business in the region to support a new bank, ect.) Allows the State Banking Commissioner to be delegated the creation of forms and inspections services of banks, allows the State board of Financial Institutions to designate how much money banks in the state must have in reserve at any given time 

Government Structure

  • H.5260 – All new enrollees into the state retirement plan join a defined contribution system, creating an “Optional Shared-Risk Defined Benefit Plan” with a maximum return to be 6% but the actual amount decided by the PEBA Board, and creating a defined contribution plan system for the state retirement fund 
  • S.1121 – Consolidating Hampton County School Districts 1 and 2, allowing the local legislative delegation to appoint the initial board of trustees, and to include interim millage rates  

Resolutions (Highlights)

  • H.5262 – Article V resolution for a balanced federal budget
  • H.5253 – Resolution to make April 1st “529 Day” to encourage citizens to learn more about “Future Scholar 529 College Savings Plans”
  • H.5256 – Resolution for an equestrian team
  • H.5259 – Recognizing April as “Zero Tolerance for Litter Month”

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