Bills filed during 2/4/20 – 2/7/20


  • S.1083 – If you vote in a party primary in 2020, you may only vote in that same party’s primary in all future elections through 2024.


  • S.1077 – Establishment of a neonatal intensive care unit level 3 does not need a certificate of need if it is in a licensed hospital, or if it already has certain sub units in the hospital like a level 2 nursery or a level 2 special care nursery
  • S.1069 – Approval of DOT regulations relating to contractor performance evaluation, to clarify that the evaluation process applies to beautification projects, enhancement, and school sidewalk projects as well as highway work  (#4916)
  • S.1070 – Approval of DOT regulations relating to disqualification and suspension from participating in DOT contracts, eliminating a reference to “contractor’s score” as the disqualification process does not reference the score 
  • S.1081 – Tattoo parlors may operate in an area close to a school, church, or playground if the parlor gets permission from them, they can revoke permission when the tattoo parlor renews their license 
  • S.1084 – If the government or its subdivisions construct a sound barrier on a road obstructing the view of an advertisement, they must compensate the owner for the value or the cost of adjusting it to be visible 
  • S.1089 – Reducing the required age to drive “Super Karts” at amusement parks from 18 to 15
  • S.1090 – Establishing how a non-profit corp. can be converted into a LLC, they have to create and approve an “conversion plan” religious organizations and public benefit corporations must send notice to the attorney general, any conversion (once approved internally) must register with the secretary of state 
  • H.5110 – Establishing that an unclaimed unknown veteran remains must be released by coroner to appropriate facility for internment
  • H.5113 – Capping the amount required to be cost shared by a health insurer on insulin, they are allowed to cover more but this caps the amount they can be forced to insure 
  • H.5107 – Allowing a parent or guardian to give and take away a ‘do not resuscitate order’ for a child with a serious illness
  • H.5108 – Establishing new limits on Cobia (a fish) taken from coastal waters
  • H.5114 – Adding “or other on-track equipment” to the list of things that can require you to stop at a railroad crossing 


  • H.5099 – A teacher can terminate an induction contract if they are leaving to work at another district, districts considering hiring a teacher may not ask or consider if the teacher has violated contracts in the past 
  • S.1087 – Gender determinations in order to participate in high school sports teams must be based on biological sex and proven by birth certificate as issued at the time of birth

Criminal Justice

  • H.5112 – Time served while under GPS monitoring counts as time served
  • H.5109 – Non-certified police officers can only operate as police with a certified officer present

Government Structure

  • S.1080 – Broadband bill, allowing and encouraging electric providers and co-ops to contract with or create broadband services in under-served areas, government financing is allowed, encourages use of existing easements, and places ORS/PSC as oversight bodies 
  • S.1076 – Rural broadband expansion act; encourages public/private partnerships, gives electric co-ops the ability to install and manage broadband services, and gives the co-ops the ability to charge broadband providers for construction of infrastructure in certain circumstances 
  • S.1088 – Establishment of a voluntary public retirement fund for private employees managed by the State Treasurer, and creating a fund to finance its management, excludes the participation by public employees
  • S.1071 – Creating Firefighter Cancer Health Care Benefit Plan, paid for by a tax on fire insurance already in existence 
  • H.5090 – Future judicial appointees cannot be immediate family members of sitting legislators or legislators who have been out of office for less than a year
  • H.5111 – Prohibits boats & watercraft from being taxed twice in the same 12-month period, provides for reimbursement of over-collection

Resolutions (Highlights)

  • H.5086 – Resolution for the “2020 Chef Ambassador”
  • H.5091 – Resolution of condolences to the people of Oman on the death of their Sultan
  • H.5095 – Resolution for the band “Ranky Tanky”

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