Bills filed during 3/10/20 – 3/12/20

Government Structure 

  • S.1163 – Removing Santee Cooper (PSA) board, appointing an interim board made of 7 members, 6 will be appointed by legislative leadership and 1 by the governor, removing terms for the interim but the  General Assembly will elect a new board in 2023 and every future board, creating a legislative commission to have expansive control over the policies of the PSA. Defining PSA as a  “public utility” giving regulators more control over the PSA.


  • S.1160 – The Commerce Department must keep track of “Clawback” deals in economic development and record when these provisions are triggered. Twice a year this information must be reported to the public and the General Assembly
  • S.1161 – All health insurance must waive price for CoronaVirus testing
  • S.1156 – Requiring that a pig transported on public roads or waterway must have a form of identification issued by the state veterinarian and only pigs of the species sus scroffa may be imported into this state  
  • S.1164 – Creating a definition for ‘motor carrier safety improvement’ that means any improvement, device, or program that is intended to make roads safer
  • S.1167 – Approving regulations of the PSC (#4879) relating to e-filing and e-service
  • H.5364 – Driver’s license can have sickle cell designation on them, DMV may not sell information related to driver’s license designations    
  • S.1169 – Removing contractor information, locations, costs, or descriptions in building permits protection by the 2002 Family Privacy Protection Act  
  • H.5362 – Limiting what can be obligated in a relationship between a brewer/importer and a beer wholesaler, limiting demands of advertisement and limiting access to other client’s information


  • S.1168 – Regulating sex education, mandating an emphasis on abstinence and the consequences of sexual activities 
  • H.5363 – Regulating that gender specific sports teams in schools that compete with public schools or universities will exclude based on gender 
  • S.1165  – Approving State Board of Education regulations (#4920) relating to the renewal of credentials
  • S.1166 – Approving State Board of Education regulations (#4918) relating to the evaluation of teachers
  • S.1174 – Approving Clemson regulations (#4933) having to do with parking permits and traffic
  • S.1175 – Approving regulations for the Commission on Higher Education (#4913) that determines who is qualified to get in state tuition
  • S.1176 – Approving Commission on Higher Education regulations (#4936) on who qualifies for the SC National Guard College Assistance Program
  • S.1177 – Approving Commission on Higher Education regulations (#4935) relating to allowing students from universities that close abruptly transfer to another SC school to finish up to the last 25% of their degree

Taxation and Spending 

  • H.5390 – Raising the cap on higher learning institutions cost to qualify as a “permanent improvement” $5 million at a research university and $2 million at all others. Projects that are $1 million or more are subject to JBRC staff review who can refer it to the full JBRC.
  • S.1155 – Adding privately owned affordable housing to a list of qualifying “redevelopment project” making it eligible for tax increment financing district support 
  • H.5365 – Extending the application of IRS code to South Carolina for state income tax regulation for one more year
  • S.1152 – Amending application of the IRS code to extend it to 2020 in reference to SC income tax
  • S.1157 – Schools and Universities will not have to pay sales taxes on supplies to improve safety
  • S.1173 – DHEC will charge companies 30$ a ton of coal residual transferred to a landfill in a county with a population of less than 19,500

Resolutions (highlights)

  • H.5367 – Resolution making March 25th “Liberty Day”
  • H.5369 – Resolution for the owners and staff of “Unique Sensations Social Hall”
  • S.1158 – Resolution for blockchain technology and encourage its use
  • S.1162 – Resolution for the SC State football coach

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