Bills filed during 3/12/19 – 3/14/19

Government structure and reform

  • S.636 – Workers’ compensation can be based on medical records, instead of medical advice. Both are admissible in appeals process.
  • S.637 – Public employees’ drug test results are subject to FOIA, if the test was requested by the employer due to an accident or incident
  • S.638 – Prohibits local internet monopolies by allowing all internet providers to have equal access to rights-of-way beside roads
  • S.642 – Workers Comp Commission must give dollar-for-dollar credit to employers for each employee claim
  • H.4215 – Allows absentee voting in person or by mail, requires Election Commission to send political parties weekly updates of who has voted and which primary they voted in
  • H.4238 – Special purpose district governing bodies must have at least five members
  • H.4240 – Lawmakers must wait five years after leaving office before lobbying
    S.663 – Joint resolution calling for constitutional convention to enact congressional term limits
    S.669 – municipalities may annex properties contiguous to them that interfere with a border with a special purpose district


Criminal/civil law:

  • S.639 – Large criminal justice reform bill, among other things eliminates many mandatory minimums
  • S.640 – creating a “judicial criminal information technology committee” and faster court/police reporting
  • S.648 – Prohibits selling of aborted fetal tissue for research purposes


Education and higher education

  • S.641 – Creates a taxpayer-funded “Office of Public Policy Events” on every college campus to organize debates and forums
  • S.650 – Some tech schools will be certified to issue GEDs and will get incentive money from the state for issuing GEDs and certain vocational certificates


Taxes, tax favors, and spending

  • S.647 – nonrefundable tax credit for charity donation of hogs from processing plant
  • H.4241to qualifty for income tax deduction National Guard member must train 192 hrs a year
  • H.4243 – new job tax incentive for pro-sports teams, local government cannot tax the team
  • S.658 – vehicles leased by churches are exempt from property taxes




  • S.649 – Property managers must have a background check done for a license
  • S.653 – Regulation of turkey hunting to require electronic reporting of kill before processing
  • H.4329Allows trawling in a specified area for half a year
  • H.4242 – creates a study committee to study racing
  • H.4244 – Defining terms in service contracts
  • H.4245 – illegal to call lab cultivated protein “meat”
  • H.4246 – Certain real estate pros must get a background check starting in 2020
  • S.656 – Abandoned vehicles sold to demolishers cannot be resold whole
  • S.657 – Joint resolution extending the current net metering (customer-based solar) program till June 2019 or action by General Assembly
  • S.659 – Resolution to approve DLLR regulations relating to the Auctioneers’ Commission
  • S.660 – Imposes additional regulations on wind energy facilities to ensure they do not interfere with the Department of Defense and military bases
  • S.661 – Asking DOT to name a bridge
  • S.666 – DMV can issue golf cart permits and municipalities can pass regulation for their use at night
  • S.667 – extending a deadline for code of engineering licensing and creating a study committee to align our requirements with other states
  • S.662 – sex offenders must disclose status as they enter an emergency shelter
  • S.651 – Joint resolution approving Human Affairs Commission regulations relating to Fair Housing Law administrative procedure
  • S.652 – Joint resolution approving Human Affairs Commission regulations relating to required posting of employee rights
  • H.4233 – Asking DOT to name a road
  • H.4234 – Asking DOT to name a road
  • H.4235 – Asking DOT to name a road
  • H.4236 – Asking DOT to name a road
  • S.635Authorizing a “Drivers for a cure” license plate



  • S.643 – resolution for “Standing Against Violence Everyday Inc.”
  • S.644 – resolution for basketball player
  • S.645 – resolution for a church
  • S.646 – resolution for a minister
  • S.654 – resolution to make September “Hunger Action Month”
  • H.4216 – Resolution to honor a Masonic officer
  • H.4217 – Resolution for a birthday
  • H.4218 – Resolution to express sorrow
  • H.4219 – Resolution to congratulate boy scout
  • H.4220 – Resolution to honor SC State Guard
  • H.4221 – Resolution to congratulate golf club
  • H.4222 – Resolution to honor wrestling team
  • H.4223 – Resolution to honor evangelist
  • H.4224 – Resolution to honor land surveyor
  • H.4225 – Resolution to express sorrow
  • H.4226 – Resolution to express appreciation
  • H.4227 – Resolution to congratulate media figure
  • H.4228 – Resolution to honor church
  • H.4229 – Resolution for a birthday
  • H.4230 – Resolution to celebrate Declaration of Independence
  • H.4231 – Resolution to express sorrow
  • H.4232 – Resolution to recognize fighter jets
  • H.4237 – Resolution to celebrate anniversary of girl scouts
  • H.4247 – Creating a “Gun Violence Awareness Month”
  • S.664 – Resolution to recognize fighter jets
  • S.665 – Resolution for a blood donor
  • S.668 – Resolution to make 4/2/19 “Children’s Advocacy Center Day”

Past weeks:

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