Bills filed during 3/18/20 – 3/19/20


  • S.1184 – Regulating licensing of the massage industry, increasing license fees for massage therapists, creating a new license for massage establishments, providing penalties for non-compliance, and instructing the Massage Board to investigate facilities for compliance  
  • H.5419 – Prohibiting courts from processing evictions for 90 days
  • S.1179 – Approving regulations by the department of insurance (#4878) having to do with wind/hail deductions
  • S.1180 – Approving regulations by the State Board of Financial Institutions (#4934) having to do with check cashing  

Taxation and Spending

  • S.1181 – Expanding the list of diseases that may be contracted by a firefighter in the line of duty to be covered by insurance, and changing the time limitation and process to get benefits
  • H.5420 – DHEC shall charge $30 a ton for coal residue transferred to a county with a population less than 19,500 landfill

Resolutions (Highlights)

  • H.5413 – Resolution for the 100th anniversary of a program crossing guard program
  • H.5417 – Resolution asking Congress not to increase unemployment tax during COVID-19
  • H.5418 – Resolution for the 150th anniversary of the town of West Union 

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