Bills filed during 3/19/19 – 3/21/19

Government Structure and Reform:

  • H.4258 – Creates a new state retirement plan for private businesses
  • H.4259 – Public officials DUI records subject to FOIA
  • H.4260 – Regulates Santee Cooper through board qualifications and whistleblower protections
  • H.4261 – Creates a new Santee Cooper oversight agency comprised of lawmakers
  • 4265 – Expands jurisdiction of a public water provider in Greenville
  • H.4287 – Authorizes the joint committee to move forward with the sale of Santee Cooper, ultimately leaves discretion with General Assembly
  • S.675 – Expands the jurisdiction of a water and sewer authority in Greenville
  • S.678 – Allows executive branch to manage and execute sale of Santee Cooper
  • S.690 – Authorizes Department of Natural Resources to conduct studies to ensure federal compliance
  • S.695 – Small municipalities can elect additional public works commissioners
  • S.697 – Santee Cooper cannot be managed by another utility or sold without advice and consent of the General Assembly

Tax and Spending:

  • H.4249 – Allows law enforcement to collect retirement and salary at the same time
  • H.4257 – Insurance premium taxes first go to Department of Insurance, after which the municipality gets its share
  • H.4294 – Counties can set their own late dates and penalties for delinquent taxes
  • S.679 – Expands economic development bonds, adds new purpose of “freight transportation”, removes job creation and capital investment requirements under certain circumstances
  • S.691 – Expands job tax credits for newly created port enhancement zones
  • S.698 – SFAA can insure certain government programs based on budget and number of employees

Criminal Law:

  • H.4282 – Tickets for passing parked school bus – evidence by photos or video
  • S.689 – Professional board may not deny license solely upon prior criminal record
  • S.699 – Adds penalties to existing law for students making threats to harm someone’s life

Civil Law:

  • S.696 – Procedures for custody transfer of a child
  • H.4281 – In a lawsuit over defrauding creditors, the prevailing party may recover attorney and legal fees


  • H.4276 – Setting voting precincts in Dillon county
  • H.4277 – Agreement to stop using the electoral college
  • H.4293 – Creates the SC Election Security Council , provides guidelines for voting machines procurement


  • H.4264 – Children of doctors who work in underserved areas don’t have to pay for college tuition
  • H.4279 – Joint resolution to create academic standards committee to make recommendations
  • H.4283 – Allows 7th and 8th grade students in private school to participate in high school sports
  • S.672 – Increasing power of “corporate partners” in charter schools allowing board membership and prioritized enrollment
  • S.680 – Regulation changes to childcare facilities including forcing them to carry liability insurance
  • S.688 – Allows 7th and 8th grade students in private school to participate in high school sports

Regulatory Bills:

  • H.4256 – Regulating funeral homes, remaking the Board of Funeral Service
  • H.4262 – Small wireless cell infrastructure cannot be zoned out by local governments
  • H.4263 – Future state construction needs to meet certain efficiency qualifications and schools need energy efficiency plans
  • H.4275 – Allowing animal control to carry firearms
  • H.4278 – Advanced practice nurses have more autonomy to practice without doctor supervision
  • H.4280 – Owner of “vacation rental” must get business license
  • H.4286 – Includes lot number for drug prescriptions
  • S.671 – New and remodeled manufactured homes must have a carbon monoxide detector
  • S.673 – Approving DHEC regulations relating to State Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund
  • S.677 – Person empowered to condemn property must first explore reasonable alternatives under certain conditions


  • H.4248 – Resolution for firefighters
  • H.4250 – Creating a “celebrating women in public service day”
  • H.4251 – Resolution for high school
  • H.4252 – Resolution for a dance team
  • H.4253 – Resolution to congratulate N. Augusta on winning an economic development award
  • H.4254 – Resolution for a softball team
  • H.4255 – Resolution for a basketball team
  • H.4267 – Resolution for an athlete
  • H.4268 – Resolution for a wrestling team
  • H.4269 – Resolution asking the federal government to put monoxide detectors in public housing
  • H.4270 – Resolution for a birthday
  • H.4271 – Resolution for a pastor
  • H.4272– Resolution to make April 3rd “529 day”
  • H.4273 – Resolution for Gray Court Mayor John Robert Carter
  • H.4274 – Resolution for a reverend
  • H.4284 – Resolution for a retirement
  • H.4285 – Resolution for 41 tech school students
  • H.4288 – Resolution for economic development group
  • H.4289 – Resolution for a chaplain
  • H.4290 – Resolution for a minister
  • H.4291 – Resolution for a “mammogram awareness day”
  • H.4292 – Resolution for “STEM education day”
  • H.4266 – Resolution for a pastor
  • S.700 – Resolution for a wrestling team
  • S.701 – Resolution for a wrestling team
  • S.702 – Resolution for a wrestler
  • S.703 – Resolution for a wrestler
  • S.704 – Resolution for a wrestler
  • S.692 – Resolution to congratulate school anniversary
  • S.693 – Resolution to congratulate American Legion
  • S.694 Resolution expressing sorrow
  • S.683 – Resolution for private university organizations
  • S.684 – Resolution to increase awareness for “future scholar 528 college savings plan”
  • S.685 – Resolution for Robert Thomas who discovered a new type of snake
  • S.686 – Resolution to recognize efforts to improve school programs
  • S.687 – Resolution for a birthday
  • S.674 – Resolution for Benedict College
  • S.670 – Resolution for a birthday
  • S.676 – Resolution asking DOT to name road
  • S.681 – Resolution asking DOT to name road
  • S.682 Resolution to condemn child abuse

Past weeks:

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