Bills filed during 3/23/21 – 3/25/21


  • S.687 Upon request by customers, a business must disclose the percentage of its employees who have been vaccinated for covid. Failure to do so, or a willful misrepresentation of the number, is grounds for a civil penalty up to $250
  • S.688 – Insurers of accident or health policies must give a discount to policyholders who make an official declaration to withhold life saving treatment in the case of terminal illness 
  • S.690 – Regulating “central fill pharmacies” who have prescription filling services outsourced to them from originating pharmacies and then deliver the prescription
  • S.697 – Mandating coroners act quickly when inspecting a body to maximize the chance a person’s organs can be successfully donated (in the event that person opted to be an organ donor)


  • S.691 Consolidating two Barnwell County school districts into a single district; making the original board membership appointed by the legislative delegation and afterward elected by county residents in single-member districts 
  • S.692 – Elections for school board trustees must be held at the same time as general elections in even numbered years
  • S.685 – College athletes may profit off their name, image, or likeness but may not be paid by the college or for athletic performance
  • S.704 – Requiring every school district to offer five day, in-person classroom instruction by April 12 (including for next school year); allowing retired teachers to return to employment and earn up to $50,000 per year without affecting their monthly retirement allowance 


  • S.699 – Setting a date (May fifth) for the general assembly to elect a member of the Legislative Audit Council and a number of trustees for universities 

Criminal Justice

  • S.686 – Granting sexual assault survivors the following rights: right to a victim advocate to consult with during medical or evidentiary examinations, the right to have an attorney present, the right to prompt analysis of the sexual assault forensic evidence, and the right to have a secure waiting area in the court away from the accused   


  • S.689 – Resolution making the state income tax filing deadline the same as the federal tax deadline
  • S.698 – Paying claims from the Warehouse Receipts Guaranty Fee for cotton loss in Clarendon County, in return the recipient must transfer interest in legal action to the Department of Agriculture 
  • S.703 – Assessors may not require income tax returns from property owners to determine if they qualify for the four percent assessment ratio on property


  • S.705 – Approving regulations promulgated by the Department of Insurance adopting reserve financing arrangements for term and universal life insurance policies based off model legislation drafted by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)
  • S.706 – Approving regulation created by the Department of Insurance outlining the requirements for a company to take credit for reinsurance when ceded to a reciprocal jurisdiction 

Resolutions (Highlights) (11 Total)

  • S.694 – Resolution making April 14th “State Treasurer’s Office Programs Day”
  • S.696 – Resolution to destigmatize substance abuse disorder

Road Naming Resolutions

  • S.701 – DOT shall name a road “Harvey Middleton Road”

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