Bills filed during 3/26/19 – 3/28/19

Criminal Law

  • S.723 – Illegal to use a phone while driving 1st offense $100 2nd is $300 and 2 points
  • H.4297 – Additional punishment for committing crimes while on bail, and add crimes that cannot get bail including; domestic violence in the 1st or 2nd degree, criminal sexual conduct in the 3rd degree, and strong arm robbery   
  • H.4313 – Small amounts of marijuana will be only a fine
  • H.4316 – Allows car disposal to be done with a recycler and increases standard of culpability of intent for buying a stolen salvage car
  • H.4345 – If a convict is in a community supervision program and violates it they have to serve remaining time             
  • H.4347 – Use of a cellphone while driving $200 (used to be $25) no criminal charges
  • H.4352 – adult who distributes energy drinks to a minor will be subject to a fine         

Civil Law

  • H.4346 – Victim of a crime may sue perpetrator for lost income if they lost at least a day due to the crime (used to be two weeks)
  • H.4349 – Reducing time of separation for a divorce to 6 months from the current required 12 months of separation

Government Structure and Reform

  • H.4328 – Allows police trainings to occur outside the academy
  • H.4350 – Constitutional amendment to allow legislature lower time apart needed for a divorce
  • S.712 – Special law to ratify a 2001 expansion of a local districts service area      

Tax and Spending

  • S.720 – Excluding internet streaming services from sales tax
  • H.4332 – making “strategic infrastructure projects” qualify as economic development
  • H.4343 – Reducing right-of-way access fee on cable providers from 5% to 3%          
  • H.4344 – Extending low-income housing tax exemption to low-income housing owned by instrumentalities of a nonprofit housing corporation
  • H.4334 – Income tax and instituting a flat tax rate of 4.5% by 2021 includes a death tax       


  • H.4312 – Wednesday may 1st is the time set to elect a judge               
  • H.4330 – Setting voting precincts in greenwood
  • H.4333 would increase maximum campaign contributions in the state to twice the federal level. Under current law, lawmakers can spend campaign funds on “any ordinary expenses incurred in connection with an individual’s duties as a holder of elective office” – a loophole that can be used to justify nearly anything.  
  • S.707 – May 1st at noon, time to elect 3 members of the board for Wil Lou Gray School    

Regulatory Bills

  • S.706 – Multifamily dwellings need to have periodic inspections of balconies by the department of labor
  • S.713 – Unlawful to possess more than two blue catfish up to a certain length
  • S.719 – Allows unions to have fundraising raffles         
  • H.4314 – Concealed carry reciprocity for states that recognize the SC CWP, but only for 21 and up
  • H.4315 – No hunting from a public road
  • H.4317 – Coyote bounty implemented, paid for by increased license cost for fishing and hunting
  • H.4318 – Remove transportation tags from turkeys, provide new standard tags that cost money
  • H.4327 – Certain building regulations are excluded from farm structures that are converted to a different use            
  • H.4329 – A person who is subject to sexual assault, dating violence, or stalking can terminate a rental agreement without penalties but will still have to pay the contracted rent
  • H.4331 – DHEC will keep track of more stats on maternal deaths and apply for federal and private funds
  • H.4335 – Regulation promulgated under the administrative procedures act expires after 5 years
  • H.4336 – Change to say you can assume a person is qualified to drive a truck if they possess a commercial drivers license license            
  • H.4348 – No medical marijuana until FDA approves it  regulation
  • H.4351 – SC blockchain industry empowerment act (a big regulatory bill involving cryptocurrency technology)
  • H.4353 – Allowing unions to have raffles to raise funds
  • H.4354 – Places parameters on workers filing two separate workers compensation claims under two separate laws
  • H.4355 – Allows nurses and pharmacist to use methadone and similar drugs to treat opioid complications     
  • H.4356 – Dept. of Labor building code council regulation
  • H.4357 – Dept. of Labor building code council regulation
  • H.4358 – Dept. of Labor building code council regulation
  • H.4359 – Dept. of Labor building code council regulation
  • H.4360 – Dept. of Labor real estate appraisers’ board  regulation
  • H.4361 – Dept. of Labor manufactured housing board regulation        
  • H.4362 – Criminal justice academy denial of entrance for misconduct
  • H.4363 – South Carolina criminal justice academy withdrawal of law enforcement certification     regulation
  • H.4364 – DNR regulation of specific properties       
  • H.4365 – DHEC hazardous waste management        
  • H.4366 – DHEC state water pollution control revolving fund loan assistance  
  • H.4367 – DNR seasons, limits, and WMA restrictions  
  • H.4368 – CHE Palmetto Fellows Scholarship changes on application requirements
  • H.4369 – DOT regulation combining state and federal project lists  
  • H.4370 – DHEC licensing crisis stabilization unit facilities   


  • H.4296 – Requiring colleges and high schools to require courses to cover  the nation’s founding documents

Resolutions (40)

  • S.708 – A resolution creating a “zero tolerance for litter month” and urge police to crack down on littering
  • H.4321 – A resolution for a Greenville business for helping economic development
  • S.711 – Establishing Natural Disaster Resiliency Week
  • H.4108 – A resolution to rename the Charleston airport after Sen. Fritz Hollings

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