Bills filed during 3/3/20 – 3/5/20


  • H.5334 – If you are born after 1979 you need a boater safety license to operate a boat
  • S.1138 – Commercial airmen that participate in interstate commerce and are required by the feds to have licenses and permits, must have those permits on them while flying in South Carolina. With a penalty for noncompliance of a felony with up to 3 years in prison
  • S.1137 – States that midwives should have access to continuing education, consulting physicians, as well as a plan for moving a birth to a nearby hospital if needed. Regulations promulgating these goals will be created by DHEC
  • S.1139 – Regulating drones, makes it illegal to; fly drones while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, to use a drone to interfere with a first responder, to endanger a person or property, fly a drone to violate a restraining order. It also requires that a political subdivision that is applying to ban drones in certain areas hold a public meeting on the issue first.  
  • S.1140 – Tow companies may only charge storage fees for a vehicle after they have notified the owner that they have the vehicle
  • S.1147 – Allowing and creating a form to allow parents to consent and revoke consent at will for “do not resuscitate orders”
  • H.5339 – Ordering DHEC to make regulations on the amount of certain contaminants that may be allowed in public water systems
  • H.5338 – Creating a “TOD” designation (transfer on death) for titles to certain titled personal property like; boats, vehicles, mobile homes, and out board motors. Deletes a requirement that the DNR must receive a bill of sale to title a boat  
  • H.5321 – Allows dental hygienist assistants to do primary preventative care on a patient without supervision, and use anesthetic under “general” (currently “direct”) supervision of a dentist

Taxation and Spending

  • S.1150 – Allowing a Redevelopment Authority to use redevelopment fees to finance and support museums 


  • H.5337 – Allowing political candidates to use campaign funds for childcare expenses 
  • S.1146 – Setting a date to appoint a large number of people to various boards for April 29th 

Government Structure

  • H.5335 – Creating a committee comprised of legislators to negotiate the Next Era bid 
  • H.5348 – Renaming the “Newborn Screening Advisory Committee” the “Newborn Screening and Rare Disease Council” and dictating some requirements for the board’s membership

Resolutions (highlights)

  • H.5320 – Resolution for a moratorium on the production of pentachlorophenol
  • H.5342 – Resolution for the 2019 national winner of “America’s Best School Bus Inspector”
  • H.5344 – Resolution to create “Independent Colleges and Universities Week” April 6 – 10
  • H.5333 – Resolution for the Carolinas Associated General Contractors 

Previous weeks

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