Bills filed during 3/30/21 – 3/31/21


  • S.710 – Allowing municipalities that don’t have operating property taxes to impose one  (capped at a rate sufficient to generate one-third of the previous year’s general fund expenses). Any municipality that has eliminated its property tax will be allowed to re-impose it with the old rate plus whatever increases would have been allowed since 2007 or whenever they repealed the tax. 
  • S.713 – A county may impose a new education sales tax – even if they have another sales tax for a similar purpose – if they agree to use the funds towards more than one school district (they must also have collected less than $150,000 in state accommodations taxes in the past two years)


  • S.722 – Greenville County Legislative Delegation mandating that the Greenville Health Authority (GHA) supervise and ensure their lessee’s compliance with the agreements ratified by the General Assembly in 2018 with the GHA (Act 274)
  • S.717 – Diabetes screening facilities in areas that exceed the national diabetes percentages are exempt from requirements of State Certification of Need and Health Facility Licensure Act
  • S.718 – Establishing that “direct primary care agreements” are not considered a contract of insurance and not subject to regulation by the Department of Insurance 


  • S.721 – Companies requiring motor carrier safety improvements shall not consider the improvement in the evaluation of an employee


  • S.712 – Creating a student loan forgiveness program (up to $30,000 per student) for students that enroll in certain healthcare degree tracts in the state if they agree to practice in underserved areas for certain amounts of time.
  • S.715 – Expanding the Midlands Technical College Commission by adding two new members, one to be chosen by the Richland Legislative Delegation and one by the Lexington County Legislative Delegation 

Government Structure 

  • S.711 – To establish and recognize the Blue Ridge-Greenbelt Community and to affirm that this community is not a body politic or municipality and may not exercise any governmental functions 


  • S.714 – Resolution extending the period an appointment to the Board of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services is considered rejected until May 13, 2021
  • S.716 – Adding a voting precinct in York County 

Resolutions (3 Total)

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