Bills filed during 3/5/19 – 3/7/19

Government structure and reform

  • H.4213–  Creates interim appointment process for county board of voter registration
  • H.4191  – Amends ethics laws, disclosure must include consultant jobs, changes definition of “committee” to include legislative caucus
  • S.601 – Tightens rules for persons residing or working in foster homes
  • S.609 – Creates advisory council for pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome
  • S.619 – Lawmakers can’t take any state government job within one year of leaving office

Tax and spending:

  • H.4211 – Changes public notice requirements for bonding process
  • S.621– Changes public notice requirements for bonding process
  • H.4209 – Creates Farm Aid Fund, administered by Department of Agriculture and newly created board
  • H.4194 – Allows Public Service Commissioners and employees to get reimbursements for extra-judicial activities
  • H.4195 – Exempts admission collected business leagues and chambers of commerce from tax
  • H.4204 – Call centers relocating to foreign country must give notice to the state, are ineligible for tax benefits               
  • S.594 – Allows counties to divert funding to transportation related services
  • S.611 – Allows counties to divert funding to transportation related services
  • S.622 – Local government can impose additional court fee
  • S.627  – Exempts universities non-essential functions from property tax
  • S.629 – Lowering the threshold to use accommodations tax on certain things from $900k to $750k


  • H.4215 – Allows for in person and by mail absentee voting with certain parameters
  • H.4192 – Disclosure for electioneering communication
  • H.4193  – Attaches the statute of limitation to ethics violation
  • H.4203 – Changes definition of “committee”, “ballot measure committee” for disclosure purposes
  • S.607 – Designating voter precincts in Berkeley county
  • S.628 – Absentee voting must be allowed during presidential primary elections


  • H.4214 – Amends definition of Autism Spectrum Disorder, changes accompanying health coverage
  • H.4207 – Allows optometrists to operate at Title I public schools under certain conditions
  • H.4196 – Exempts artisans that sell work at occasional festivals from needing a retail license
  • H.4197 – Requiries balconies in multi-family residences to be inspected, includes fines and potential jail time
  • H.4200 – Amends laws governing unclaimed property
  • H.4202 – Certificate for foreign births
  • H.4205 – Licensure for hair designers
  • H.4206 – Refinances V.C. Summer debt with new customer charge
  • S.593 – Deletes expiration date on permit for public transit to install ads on bus benches
  • S.595 – Requiring background checks for  jobs dealing with children
  • S.612 – DOT advertising permits must be renewed annually
  • S.620 – Utilities and coops must submit integrated resource plan every three years
  • H.4210Authorizes Dept of Natural Resources to conduct studies related to flood mitigation
  • H.4198 – Illegal to sell energy drinks to a minor


  • H.4201 – Public school cannot start before August 15
  • S.613 –  Regulates endowment fund overseen by Special School of Science and Mathematics

Gun Rights:

  • S.605 – Licensed gun dealers must receive results of a background check before completing a sale
  • S.606 – Outlawing private gun sales with minor exceptions
  • H.4212 – Licensed gun dealers must receive results of a background check before completing a sale, stricter reporting requirements to SLED

Criminal/civil law:

  • H.4208 – States that colleges are custodians of certain criminal records, which are exempt from FOIA
  • H.4199 – Individual can opt out of receiving junk mail delivered to home
  • S.610 – May discharge first time offender of disorderly conduct under certain circumstances
  • S.591 – Amends tortfeasor act to include non-defendants for percentage of fault even if no claim against them is made
  • S.592 – Reduces arbitrators from 3 to 1 in case of car accident claims


  • H.4156 – Makes “etiquette day in SC”   
  • H.4157 – Joint resolution to extend deadline for voter system proposals and creates panel to grade them
  • H.4158 – Creating “eating disorder awareness week”
  • H.4160 – Resolution for a group to use the house chambers
  • H.4159 – Resolution for a preacher
  • H.4161 – Resolution of condolences
  • H.4162 – Resolution condemning notion of SCANA merging with out-of-state company
  • H.4163 – Resolution to show opposition to offshore drilling
  • H.4164 – Resolution for a school board member
  • H.4165 – Resolution for a softball team
  • H.4166 – Resolution for a softball team
  • H.4167 – Resolution to make “SC Professional Land Surveyors Day)
  • H.4168 – Resolution congratulating a local gov. person
  • H.4169 – Resolution supporting the new version of NAFTA (USMCA)
  • H.4170 – School breakfast week
  • H.4171 – Resolution for a church
  • H.4172 – Resolution for basketball team
  • H.4173 – Resolution for a basketball team               
  • H.4174 – Resolution for a cross country team
  • H.4175 – Resolution for a soccer team
  • H.4176 – Resolution for a volleyball team
  • H.4177 – Resolution for several sports teams
  • H.4178 – Resolution of condolences
  • H.4179 – Resolution for a wrestling team
  • H.4180 – Resolution for a basketball team              
  • H.4181 – Resolution for a principal
  • H.4182 – Resolution for a basketball team
  • H.4183 –  Resolution for a basketball team               
  • H.4184 – Resolution for a broker     
  • H.4185 – Resolution to name intersection
  • H.4186 – Resolution to name intersection
  • H.4187 – Resolution to name intersection
  • H.4188 – Resolution for a student
  • H.4189 – Resolution to name intersection
  • H.4190 – Resolution for a sorority
  • S.596 – Resolution for a church
  • S.597 – Resolution for a NFL player
  • S.598 – Resolution for a fire department chief
  • S.599 – Resolution for a citizen
  • S.600 – Resolution for a NFL player
  • S.602 – Resolution for a pastor
  • S.603 – Resolution to let a Christian group use the senate chambers
  • S.604 – Resolution of condolences
  • S.608 – Resolution for a public official
  • S.614 – Resolution for a basketball team
  • S.615 – Resolution to recognize 4-H day
  • S.616 – Professional land surveyors day
  • S.617 – Resolution congratulating surveyor
  • S.618 – Resolution celebrating LLR’s 25th anniversary
  • S.623 – Eating disorders awareness month
  • S.624 – Professional land surveyors’ day
  • S.625 – School breakfast week
  • S.626 – Resolution for local politician
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