Bills filed during 4/2/19 – 4/4/19

Criminal Law

  • H.4383 – Additional fine if driver is holding cell phone during traffic violation, revenue goes to Dept. of Public Safety to fund distracted driving campaign
  • H.4386 – Impersonating a driver of ridesharing service is evidence of attempted kidnapping
  • H.4400 – Increasing the amount of time a perpetrator of a violent crime who has been denied parole must wait for a new hearing from 2 to 5 years
  • H.4417 – Firing squad as option for carrying out death penalty
  • S.736 – Amends definition of voyeurism, stipulates that if victim is a minor, the charge is a felony

Civil Law

  • H.4381 –  Person who has passed a federally sanctioned commercial driver license (CDL) examination can be assumed to be qualified to drive commercial vehicles in a civil trial, in order to protect the employer for liability of negligence in hiring and some other civil claims.

Government Structure and Reform

  • H.4382 – Creating a State Surgeon General to advise Governor on addressing health risks and promoting healthy lifestyles, includes a supporting committee
  • H.4389Allows counties to use taxes, tolls, and bond revenue to fund mass transit system
  • H.4397 – Special front and back license plate for rideshare drivers
  • H.4399 – Increasing term limits for Aeronautic Commission members from one to two terms
  • H.4418 – Creating a “Displaced State Employee Readjustment Fund” and gives first priority for new state jobs if an agency or “quasi-agency” is sold
  • H.4419 – A study by Dept. of Admin. must be completed on Santee Cooper sale before they can sell it and the legislature pledges to provide relief for areas affected
  • S.730 – Study committee to analyze connecting mass transit from NC to SC

Taxing and Spending

  • H.4385 – Extending tax exemption for city housing authorities
  • H.4401 – Certain number of highway contracts must be awarded to disadvantaged minorities
  • H.4402 – Allows for property tax refund if taxes were overpaid under certain conditions
  • H.4412 – Allows local taxation above the lawful limits for certain counties if used for education capital improvements
  • H.4413 – Resolution allowing the state to fund recurring expenses if the FY19-20 budget does not pass by July 1


  • H.4384 – Adds two voting precincts for Jasper County
  • H.4411 – Resetting voting precincts in Horry County
  • H.4416 – Political parties may charge candidates fees, requires past participation in party primaries to run for office as party member, party chairman has final authority over dispute

Regulatory Bills

  • H.4380 – Ridesharing vehicles must display illuminated sign with company’s logo, in addition to other existing requirements
  • H.4390 – Allowing DOT to sell year long permits to advertise on benches
  • H.4391 – DMV may add special notation to vehicle registration for disabled persons
  • H.4398 – Reducing time a person has to live in a county in order to run for coroner position
  • H.4405 – Requiring ridesharing services to confirm through electronic pin code that rider has the correct car
  • H.4415 – Allows for home delivery of alcohol
  • S.738 – Sweeping regulations for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology


  • H.4403 – School districts must adhere to bullying requirements promulgated by State Board of Education, broadens definition of bullying to include interfering with student’s educational performance
  • H.4404 – Military members with relevant experience get expedited accreditation as nurses
  • H.4414 – Dual Enrollment is offered to all students and the lottery assistance for it
  • S.735 –  Abolishing the Clarendon County Board of Education, powers transferred to county election commission and school districts

Individual Rights

  • S.731Licensed gun dealers must may not sell firearm until they receive results of background check, or five days have passed


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