Bills filed during 4/20/21 – 4/22/21


  • H.4255Numerous voting law changes: 1)  requiring poll workers wear body cameras; 2) journalists may not come within 200 yards of entrance of a voting place unless coming only to vote; 3) Voting machines must be equipped with GPS; 4) only the executive director of the State Election Commission may release unofficial election results; 5) people charged with various voter fraud crimes would face thirty years in prison without parole
  • H.4241 – Codifying the current practice of electing members to the Georgetown County Board of Education
  • H.4229 – Regulating redistricting: mandating that certain information about demographics, maps and proceedings during the deliberation of redistricting be open and available to the public; requiring public meetings to hear from “communities of special interest”, defined as communities based around shared history, voting patterns, geographic location, and culture
  • H.4251 – Constitutional amendment allowing a person who has served their jail time and probation/parole to run for political office after waiting one year instead of the current fifteen years

Government Structure 

  • H.4246 – Mandating that local governments employ animal control officers that have arresting power and at the discretion of the local governing body may carry guns
  • H.4247 – Establishing an African American Confederate Veterans Monument Commission to make a monument in memory of African American Confederate Veterans; allowing the commission to establish a nonprofit for the purpose of receiving and distributing funds
  • H.4248 – A prison, jail or detention facility cannot record prisoners phone calls unless ordered by a court on an individual basis
  • H.4249 – Allows the director of the Dept. of Corrections to appoint some jails as state work facilities and allows the court to sentence  non-violent convicts (if they sign an agreement) to the state work program, in return the innate is eligible for a parole release


  • H.4232 – Allowing property owners to remove restrictive covenants on their land that are preventing the sale of the property in some cases 
  • H.4254 – Directing the Dept. of Health and Human Services to set up a program to regulate facilities that donate, process or sell human milk


  • H.4243 – Upon application of the taxpayer, property tax will be adjusted for damage done by flooding or hurricane
  • H.4222 – Homestead exemption on property tax is increased to meet any county increase in appraised value on the house in the 4 year assessments
  • H.4252 – Allowing businesses to receive economic development tax credits for “retraining agreements” to enter into the agreement with technical colleges in the state along with the approval of the coordinating council on economic development to get reimbursed for an increased amount of the salary of new employees hired through the program but also comes with a requirement of higher wages than otherwise mandated 

Civil Court

  • S.762 – Speeding up the process of determining whether a lawsuit was frivolous (within 30 days after the trial)
  • S.763 – Asbestos trust claim recoveries and discovery must be filed in any civil action to recover asbestos damages and the value recovered from the trust must offset the damages recoverable
  • H.4244 –  Banning the practice of adverse possession, which allows people to claim property after using it for an extended period of time (and after meeting other legal requirements); eliminating the civil court remedies to dispute these claims


  • H.4231 – Requiring biological fathers to pay 50% of the mother’s pregnancy expenses (with minor exceptions)
  • H.4230 – Allowing state employees to take paid leave in the event of miscarrying a child or still-birth
  • S.765 & S.764 – Creating an exemption to state law that prohibits the wearing of a mask in public, stating that this rule does not apply during a pandemic (S.764 applies strictly to COVID-19)
  • H.4245 – Mandating that health insurance providers cover insulin; capping the payment of an insured person to one hundred dollars per thirty-day supply
  • H.4253 – Removing the requirement that assistant anesthesiologists have to present their diplomas and demonstrate knowledge in front of a member of the Board of Medical Examiners and allowing anesthesiologists to supervise four assistants instead of two

Resolutions (Highlights) (26 Total)

  • S.757 – Resolution for the retiring coach of the UofSC men’s soccer team
  • H.4227 – Resolution for a Tennis Director at the Country Club of Lexington
  • H.4239 – Recognizing May 3rd through 7th as “Teacher Appreciation Week”

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