Bills filed during 4/23/19 – 4/25/19

Government Structure and Reform

  • S.780 – DOT shall examine feasibility of funding bridge and highway projects with tolls, tolls could operate indefinitely, federal match requirement is removed
  • S.785 – Sine die adjournment bill. The Legislature will reconvene May 20 – 22 for the budget vetoes, appointments, local legislation, and matters to do with Santee Cooper
  • H.4482 – State agencies and local governments must prepare an impact analysis before adopting ordinance or regulation affecting the cost of housing (including the costs of development and construction, costs of ownership such as utility bills, etc., and the cost of availability, such as zoning ordinances). The bill would also require local governments to prepare and publish housing plans and residential development fee reports.

Criminal Law

  • H.4473 – Legalizes up to a certain amount of cannabis for those with a terminal illness

Taxing and Spending

  • H.4483 – One percent of insurance premium tax revenue goes to V-Safe program (a volunteer firefighter equipment program)

Individual Rights

  • H.4472 – Allows open carry by concealed carry permit holders

Resolutions (highlights only)

  • H.4457 Resolution to declare “SC Teen Pregnancy Prevention Day”
  • H.4461 Resolution to honor Mixed Martial Arts team owner
  • S.781 –  Resolution acknowledging meditation and to establish a “Peace Harmony and Wellness Day”


Past weeks:

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