Bills filed during 4/30/19 – 5/2/19

Taxing and Spending

  • H.4532 – Revises sales tax policy, sets sales tax at 3%, subjects a number of services to taxation, eliminates certain exemptions, creates new tax reserve fund
  • S.819 – If an SC resident pays the “infrastructure maintenance fee” on a vehicle, leaves the state, and then returns, they do not have to pay the fee again

Government Structure and Reform

  • S.798 – Reduces number of University of SC board members, membership selected from congressional districts (seven) instead of judicial circuits (sixteen)
  • H.4516 – Local governments cannot prevent rental of dwelling to short-term guests
  • H.4490 – Repeals “Family Week” and its accompanying committee
  • H.4533 – Renaming the “State Commission for Minority Affairs” to “State Commission for Minority and Multicultural Affairs”
  • H.4531 – Public Service Commission (PSC) to be elected by the public
  • S.820 – Prevents passage of local laws affecting rights of certain Lake Bowen property owners 

Regulatory Bills

  • S.806 – Creates new mandatory certificate for food processors, registration fees range from one to three hundred dollars
  • S.796 – Adds deadline for when SC building codes council can modify building codes, no later than six years for residential buildings, three years for commercial buildings
  • H.4501 – Allowing distribution of hemp extract if it is tested by an independent lab and approved by the FDA
  • H.4504 – Allowing Dept. of Health and Environmental Control to regulate tire disposal (with steep penalties already existing), creates a “Waste Tire Rebate Facility List”
  • H.4505 – Adds new requirement to receive conditional driver’s license (for drivers age 15-16), whereby person must complete four hours of litter cleanup through Dept. of Transportation program
  • H.4522 – School volunteers who have been trained by a registered nurse can administer glucagon or insulin to students with diabetes
  • S.817 – Codifies policy that prohibits duck hunting within certain area of Lake Bowen

Criminal Law

  • S.797 – Amends parole hearing structure for sexually violent offenders by adding a panel to determine the applicability of “supervised re-entry” to society and/or commitment of an offender to a mental hospital


  • H.4499 – Designation of voting precincts in Beaufort County

Resolutions (highlights)

  • S.812 – Resolution to celebrate anniversary of Cayce farmer’s market
  • H.4489 – Resolution to honor retirement of Harris Pastides, former University of South Carolina President
  • H.4497 – Resolution encouraging Dept. of Health and Environmental Control to raise awareness for shingles
  • H.4503 – Resolution celebrating 50 year anniversary of BBQ restaurant


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