Bills filed during 4/9/19 – 4/11/19

Criminal Law

  • S.747 – allowing use of cameras for civil enforcement of traffic laws
  • H.4445 – endangering emergency services on an accident scene comes with a  higher fine, now it is $1,000 up from $500
  • H.4442 – in a family court case where DSS is the initiating party, the number of continuances that have been granted shall be read into the record
  • H.4443 – increasing the penalties for injuring or killing a police dog, it is raised to a felony that can carry 5 years in prison

Civil Law

  • H.4440 – making physical or sexual child abuse grounds for divorce

Government Structure and Reform

  • H.4430 – creating 4 more Publics Works Commissioners in each municipality with under 50,000 people (3 of the new commissioners will represent the area outside of the municipality)
  • S.759 – creating a department of alcohol licensing and enforcement, and removing SLED from alcohol enforcement
  • H.4452 – resolution to create a study committee for lifespan of a bridge in Beaufort
  • S.756 – special purpose districts and commission of public works that have the same members must consolidate

Taxing and Spending

  • H.4438 – a county that imposed a tax pursuant Title 4, Ch. 37 (optional methods for financing transportation facilities) may impose another sales and use tax
  • S.753 – 1% of insurance premium taxes must go to the “V-Safe” program (volunteer firefighter equipment program)


  • H.4441 – to run for the Jasper board of education a person must fill out a candidacy form instead of submitting a petition of signatures

Regulatory Bills

  • H.4429 – HOAs must send budget reports quarterly to their members and to the Dept. of Consumer Affairs which will retain them for 5 years
  • H.4431 – changes to business licensing practices, business license application and tax returns are not subject to FOIA, business licenses and information  shall not be contracted or shared with another organization outside of government regulations
  • S.760 – ORS can audit cooperatives, makes voting by proxy for any matter to do with the cooperative illegal, and rules for board protocol including that they must disclose; per diems, expenses paid, and fringe benefits, and sets rules on how board members may be elected
  • S.758 – an auctioneer with 25 years of experience and is over 65 can apply for a continuing education waiver
  • H.4454 – tow trucks operating are considered emergency services personnel and can take the state course for free, as well as have similar protections in an accident
  • S.751 – insurer must certify that it reduced cost shared by the amount of rebates it got (they are not allowed to disclose specific rebates to the public)
  • S.757 – county, municipality, or agency wanting to make a regulation on housing must get an impact study on how much it will raise costs in the market


  • S.761 – schools must have a mental health counselor, 1 for every 500 students
  • S.762 – giving superintendent of education the power to lower class sizes in underperforming schools, in low performing schools k -3rd that have more than 15 students must have a teacher’s assistant, each teacher and full time librarian must have an hour to plan in school without lengthening the school day
  • H.4453 – “Auxiliary Division for universities” a slightly weakened enterprise division bill that in large part bypasses the CHE, increases the amount to 5 million for projects that do not have to go through the approval process, and allows the university to use some funds it derives from “auxiliary” sources without as much oversight
  • H.4455 – if the federal government offers 3-1 match for increase in funding for teacher salary increases the state will take it
  • S.754 – Changing regulation and training of administration and faculty of the John De La Howe school, renaming it “Governor’s School for Agriculture at John de la Howe”, and establishing who will make up its board (deans from colleges in USC and Clemson, State Superintendent of Education, and chair of the agriculture program from Piedmont Tech.)

Resolutions (a total of 32 were filed)

  • H.4433 – resolution for SC association of realtors and creating a “fair housing month”
  • H.4436 – resolution for the SC VP of Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance
  • S.749 – resolution for SC poultry festival
  • H.4446 – resolution for an author from Barnwell
  • H.4450 – resolution to create a “better hearing and speech month”


Past weeks:

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