Bills filed during 5/11/21 – 5/13/21


  • S.803 – Declaring that the Senate does not consent to extending the COVID-19 state of emergency without express consent of the General Assembly
  • H.4388 – Banning mask mandates in schools and on school buses 
  • H.4391 – Prohibiting businesses, educational institutions, or state/local government buildings from requiring proof of covid vaccination to gain entrance or service
  • H.4389 – Creating a loan forgiveness program and corresponding fund for student loans of medical field students that meet certain qualifications and work in an underserved area for three years
  • H.4405 – Patients of mental health services or treatment must have a mental health evaluation before standing for a bond trial, guardians must be notified of the hearing, and no physical force may be used to make them attend the bond hearing 
  • S.811 – No health care patient, professional, or provider has to participate or pay for medical procedures or actions that violate their beliefs. The person who refuses has civil liability protections and has the right to sue if they are discriminated against based on their choice not to participate in a medical procedure.


  • H.4408 & S.822Allocating the funds South Carolina received from the “American Rescue Plan Act of 2021” (appropriation amounts have been left blank)
  • S.823 – Overhauling the sales tax: expanding the types of services that have to charge sales tax, decreasing the sales tax rate from five percent to three, and more
  • H.4387 – Prevents local governments from taxing a rental property twice through the business license tax (the double imposition of the tax has occurred when the property is owned by multiple parties and one resides in the property)
  • H.4393 – Allowing counties to set different dates for late penalties on delinquent taxes, and allowing the treasurer to recover the delinquent taxes 
  • H.4407 & S.821  – Appropriating funds from the Savannah River Site settlement with the federal government (appropriation amounts have been left blank)

Government Structure 

  • H.4352 – Eliminating the Commission on Disabilities and Special needs and having a director preside over the department instead, who would be appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate
  • H.4404 – Having the law enforcement training council set up standards of use and education on stun guns/tasers. Having police document and report all taser use to be sent to the Law Enforcement Training Council. 
  • H.4409 – Makes a study committee to report on limits of liability and uninsured motorist coverage to see if requirements on auto insurance policies are sufficient  
  • S.812 – Amending the Board of Accountancy to add one at large CPA to the board, allowing the director of the department to fire people only with consent of the board, changing the number of hours needed to become a CPA, and amending other regulations on the training and practices of CPAs


  • H.4394 – Regulating and licensing the education and profession of midwives
  • H.4390 – Regulating the relationship between a debtor and a creditor that owns a substantial amount of the debtor’s debt. Defining when a party is considered insolvent and when a debt is voidable 

Criminal Justice

  • H.4406 – Police officers may not use unnecessary force which is defined to include anything that hinders breathing or blood flow to detain people. Officers that use excessive force are subject to up to thirty years in prison.


  • H.4392 – Banning teaching that one race is superior to another, or that a person’s worth or guilt is created by virtue of their race or sex. Banning schools and agencies from taking private funding to train civics teachers, and stating that students will not get credit for working for lobbyist organizations
  • H.4395 – Creating a student loan forgiveness program for police officers that would offer partial payment of an officer’s loans after five years if they stayed with the same police department. An officer can receive the lesser of $4,000 or 20% of the unpaid balance per year, for a maximum of $20,000 over 5 years. 
  • H.4396 – Parents may utilize learning pods without discrimination from school districts; the bill defines learning pods as groups of up to 10 students where parents privately bring them together for supplemental education
  • H.4397 – A student may register and attend any school within the school district in which they reside (with some limitations for schools at capacity, etc.); establishing eligibility requirements 
  • H.4410 – Firing the current UofSC board of trustees in 2023, restruction the appointment process for board members (some appointed by the governor, others would be elected by lawmakers as is currently done); reducing the number of board members to 11
  • S.799 – Schools must have an online option for parents to give feedback about instructional materials and methods; banning the instruction of the “1619 project” or teaching that one race is inherently inferior/superior
  • S.813 – Firing the current UofSC board of trustees on June 30, 2021; reducing the number of elected members from 17 to 8; giving the power to set the salary of the university president to the Agency Head Salary Commission

Resolutions (Highlights) (63 Total)

  • H.4362 – Declaring April 25th “Benedict-Allen Community Development Corporation Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Day”
  • H.4382 – Declaring May16-22 as “Emergency Medical Services Week”
  • H.4403 – Resolution for a person that earned a doctorate at age 75

Road Naming Resolutions 

  • S.805 – DOT shall name a road “Freddy E. Hendrick Highway”
  • H.4384 – DOT shall name a road “M.F. ‘Sonny’ Riley, Jr. Highway”

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