Bills filed during 6/23/20 – 6/24/20

Government Structure

  • S.1234 – Situations in which the Governor may declare a state of emergency, but the reasons are left blank
  • S.1235 – Creating the Office of Broadband Development within Office of Regulatory Staff (ORS)
  • S.1240 – Law Enforcement Training Council can establish standards for all law enforcement agencies in the state and ability to fine agencies not in compliance with the council
  • S.1241 – SLED to have exclusive jurisdiction to investigate deaths or significant injuries of arrestees or intended arrestees
  • S.1242 – Giving the Law Enforcement Training Council sole authority to credential law enforcement officers


  • H.5526 – Statewide mandate to wear masks in public with escalating civil fines starting from $25
  • H.5527 – Retro-active protection against liability for government, business, and healthcare from lawsuits over Covid19 if they followed public health guidelines
  • S.1238 – Law Enforcement Training Council and agencies to keep records of allegations of misconduct by officers, if allegations are found credible the information shall be FOIA accessible 
  • S.1243 – The Law Enforcement Training Council shall adopt a model training program for training newly appointed chiefs of police that they must complete within 6 months of taking office


  • S.1239 – Setting September 23, 2020 as the date for the election of several bureaucratic and judicial seats 

Criminal Justice

  • S.1237 – Repealing the ability of a citizen to make a citizen’s arrest in a variety of circumstances
  • S.1244 – Misconduct of police officers now includes willfully failing to intervene when observing another law enforcement officer not complying with the standards as established by the Law Enforcement Training Council.

Resolutions (Highlights) (44 total)

  • H.5520 – Resolution for a drive through safari in SC
  • H.5524 – Resolution asking congress to ease restrictions on meat processing by passing the Prime Act
  • S.1231 – Resolution for the leadership of SC Flood Waters Commission
  • H.5529 – Resolution for the new chief executive at the Lexington Chamber and visitor’s center

Road Naming Resolutions

  • S.1233 – DOT to name an interchange “George Bailey Interchange”

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