Certain Offenses prohibit an Individual from receiving State Retirement Benefits

H.3427 would make forfeit any retirement benefits a public office holder may have accrued during their time in office if during that time in office they are convicted, plead guilty, or plead no contest to a crime that is a felony, a crime that involves moral turpitude, a crime that has a sentence of two or more years, or a crime that violates election laws. If this provision is used the appropriate retirement system will refund the office holder’s employee contributions.

Office holders who abuse the public trust should not thereafter be able to benefit from their time in public office. This bill would take a step towards preventing such officer holders from receiving benefits after their infractions. The legislation does fall somewhat short in one area however, as it only applies to office holders who were elected or appointed after July 1 2015.

(Related H.3428)

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