H.3181 – Background Checks and Gun Show Regulations

H.3181 would require private firearm sales, with the exception of sales or transfers between licensed manufacturers, dealers, or between immediate family members, to undergo a national background check. Confirmation of the check must be made by the SLED director and all dealers must keep records of transactions. All buyers at gun shows must have a background check conducted, and the firearm(s) must be transferred at the show and nowhere else. This bill would further erode South Carolinians’ Second Amendment rights.

As is the case with virtually all gun control attempts, this bill would restrict the rights of law abiding citizens and do little to prevent violent criminals from obtaining weapons. Individuals who wish to obtain a firearm for criminal purposes are not likely to attempt to obtain that firearm in a way that requires them to undergo a background check. And even if a potential violent criminal fails a background check, they can always obtain a firearm through illegal channels. In contrast, a law abiding citizen who has an immediate need of a firearm for self-defense purposes would have their fundamental right of self-defense hindered by this bill.

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