Holding Property Owners who Prohibit Carrying of Firearms Liable for Injuries

H.4664 would allow a concealed weapons permit (CWP) holder who is injured by a criminal on the premises of a property whose owner prohibits the carrying of firearms, to hold that property owner civilly liable for the injuries sustained. Not only would the CWP holder be able to sue the property owner, but the property owner would have to pay triple damages.

It is one thing to push back against government attempts to curtail 2nd amendment rights but it is quite another to punish private individuals who aren’t comfortable permitting certain behavior on their property. The argument for this bill would be that the property owner is placing the CWP holder in danger by depriving him of his means of defense. But the true responsibility lies with the permit holder, if he is uncomfortable with being unable to carry his weapon on a privately owned property, he should stay off of that property. No one is forcing the CWP holder to step onto a privately owner premise and give up his weapon. Any risk the CWP holder assumes by doing so should be on him.

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