Mandating Entertainment Facilities Install Metal Detectors

H.4430 would require that all movie theaters, sporting arenas, and concert venues install metal detectors. The principal effect of this policy will be to increase costs for the businesses that are required to install the metal detectors. The installation of metal detectors may also create feelings of harassment and possibly fear/paranoia among the patrons of these business.

What these bills aren’t likely to do is significantly improve public safety. It is already in the interest of businesses to ensure the safety of their customers, if a business has a reputation as being unsafe this could be highly detrimental to the bottom line. If the safety benefits from installing metal detectors were significant and outweighed the costs financial and otherwise (to customer and business) all entertainment facilities would already be using them. H.4430 would impose a new costs on businesses to force an act of security theater (a measure that has a far greater appearance of ensuring safety than its actual effect).

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