New Impact Fees on Residential Dwelling Units

H.4625 would permit county and municipal governments to impose an impact fee on developers, not to exceed $250, for each new residential dwelling unit constructed by a developer within the county or municipality. Residential dwelling unit is defined as “all residential units, including, but not limited to, single family attached, single family detached, duplex, condominium, townhouse, multifamily, apartment, and mobile home, but excluding hotels and motels.”

All proceeds from the fees would be required to be deposited in a special fund used to combat homelessness.

Local governments shouldn’t be imposing more fees on private businesses. Like all taxes and fees the fees proposed by H.4625 would discourage and otherwise hinder the productive work performed by the businesses or individuals on whom they are imposed, in this case developers. If politicians, state or local, want to help the homeless they should first look at repealing or reducing enforcement of victimless crimes like panhandling and loitering which target the homeless.

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