Restrictions on the Government Purchase of Portable Solar Power Generator Systems

H.4732 would prohibit the state or any political subdivision from purchasing portable solar power generator systems unless the system to be purchased:

  • has security-sensitive component parts that are manufactured in the United States
  • is manufactured in the United States
  • has an aggregate cost of the product’s domestic components that is at least eighty-five percent of the total cost of the product’s components, and
  • has battery components that are sourced from a company located in a country that is
    • a party to the World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement
    • a party to a free trade agreement
    • a least developed country, or
    • a Caribbean Basin country

Some of these requirements could be waived if the chief procurement officer for the state or a subdivision certifies that complaint products aren’t available in sufficient quantities, or are available only at a cost that is 75 percent more expensive than non-compliant products.

The wisdom of the state or its political subdivisions purchasing portable solar power generator systems is debatable in its own right. What shouldn’t be debatable are laws that artificially drive up government expenditures on these goods. This bill would directly lead to more waste of taxpayer dollars.

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