S.954 – Prohibits PSC from issuing any BLRA orders except for experimental rate in House bill

This joint resolution instructs the Public Service Commission (PSC) not to take any action on the V.C. Summer issue until ninety days after the end of the 2018 legislative session, with one exception: The PSC “may” set the “experimental rate” contained in H.4375, which is not currently state law.

In other words, this joint resolution prevents an executive regulatory agency from doing its job until the legislature is finished for the year – a telling indicator of who actually controls the energy regulatory system.

The “experimental rate” referred to is SCE&G’s current electric rates minus the V.C. Summer costs. H.4375 orders the PSC to immediately enact that rate, which would remain in place throughout the duration of any PSC and court challenges that may arise regarding the V.C. Summer project.

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