School Choice for Disabled Students

H.3686 would establish a system by which South Carolina education funds follow the child, at least in the case of disabled children. The bill would allow the parents of a disabled child to enroll their child in any public or private school of their choosing. The state base student cost appropriation for a disabled child would follow them to the school of their parent’s choosing. In the case of private schools students would still have to meet any other privately established criteria for admittance.

This bill would open a world of options to disabled students. Every public school would now be open to them, and all private schools would now be more easily affordable by their parents. All children learn differently, the state should recognize this fact and make as many different educational approaches open to students as possible.  Comprehensive reviews of the academic literature as well as individual studies have found this approach (allowing parents to send their child to the school of their choice) has a positive effect on student achievement. H.3686 would go a long way towards making this policy of options a reality, at least for disabled students.


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