Our Declaration


Because the power of South Carolina’s government is concentrated in the hands of a few while accountability is diffused beyond citizens’ reach; and

Because the heavy hand of government has caused our once-prosperous state to descend into poverty; and

Because our state is heavily dependent upon the federal government for funding that comes with a high cost in both dollars and freedom;


We, the undersigned members of the Patriots Club of the South Carolina Policy Council, openly declare our commitment to making South Carolina the freest state in America. We publicly take responsibility for monitoring government, and for informing and engaging others in our communities to become equally vigilant.
We will not compromise our right to govern ourselves, to prosper through our own efforts and to be free from the heavy hand of the federal government.
We will hold our elected officials fully accountable for their actions on our behalf, and we demand that they give citizens back the power they have taken, specifically our rights to:



South Carolina’s politicians are among the nation’s most powerful and least accountable. We will not be satisfied until that is reversed by diffusing power equally in all branches of government. Our judges must be appointed by the governor with advice and consent of the Senate. The legislature must be limited to its original role of making laws. We must be able to hold the governor fully accountable for the management of state government. All three branches must be fully transparent in all dealings and never more powerful, separately or combined, than the citizens from whom power is derived.


No economic system has generated more prosperity for more citizens. Government intervention in the economy has failed our state for three decades.  We must no longer allow government officials to secretly invest our money or regulate business beyond what is necessary to protect the liberty of all. Prosperity will come only through the free market, and therefore we must empower private industry not through subsidies and tax breaks, but through the lowest taxes in the nation and an absolute cap on government spending. We will not be satisfied with anything less.


South Carolina cannot be a sovereign state while the federal government funds more than a third of our state government. We will hold our state and local elected officials directly accountable for requesting, receiving, and spending federal dollars that come with a state cost and heavy mandates. We will examine all programs funded with DC dollars. We will communicate our priorities for state government and insist that core services be funded with state dollars. We will do our part to reduce the national debt by reducing our reliance on the federal government.



We want to live in the freest state in America. That is only possible if we hold elected officials, each other, and ourselves accountable for demanding nothing less than that vision, entirely and without compromise. We are resolute and untiring. We will not back down, and we will grow our numbers and our voice. And we will be an independent voice for freedom that is always the most powerful force in the State of South Carolina.


As a Patriots Club member, I pledge to reclaim the power of self governance, I believe in the power of economic freedom, I will hold all elected officials accountable for our state’s dependence on DC, and I am a Patriot who will fight to make SC the freest state in America.

I will work to reclaim the power of self governance.

I believe in the power of economic freedom.

I will hold all elected officials accountable for our state’s dependence on DC.

I am a Patriot who will fight to make SC the freest state in America.

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