Representative Bill Herbkersman


Representative Bill Herbkersman


Response to the Speaker Poll:“1) Why won’t these organizations be transparent and disclose their source of funding?  It’s called LIBERTY!

2) Why won’t this organization spend a minutes time trying to right a real wrong such as what’s happening in Jasper County with Sen. Clem Pinkney and the ACLU?

I’m a pilot and have owned numerous planes for 25 years, the formula that was used for reimbursement for aircraft time is not what I would have used but it’s pretty close.

Investigation and indictment are different as is public money and private, we would all agree. In my mind he’s entitled to his defense of an investigation just as we’re entitled to information on those accusing him. Would you agree?

I appreciate you taking the time but I’m concerned that every time we see something about Bobby or another republican from these very groups it comes with a card to contribute to the group.” 

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