Representative Donna Hicks Wood


Representative Donna Hicks Wood


Response:“Thank you for your email. I appreciate your concern as a citizen of South Carolina that our government is run efficiently and effectively and without corruption. You and I agree on that.

I believe that one of those highly esteemed processes of effective government is preventing corruption. The fact remains that when someone is accused of something they remain innocent until they are proven guilty.

That prevents corruption on both sides. It is the burden of the accuser to prove that the one he has accused is actually guilty of the crime. Until the process has been completed, speaker Bobby Harrell remains innocent and deserves the respect of his position as a representative of South Carolina and as speaker over the house of Representatives.

I believe that the speaker can and has and will continue to discharge his duties faithfully and fully. I have served with him for two years and have found him to be a very intelligent and wise leader for South Carolina.

It is my prayer that Speaker Harrell is proved innocent and this matter can put behind us and we can move forward with the business of the state without this cloud over us.

As far as electing judges, that is the responsibility of both the House and Senate. Speaker Harrell has one vote in that decision. Each legislator is responsible and accountable to their constituents for their own vote.

I will be glad to discuss this further with you if you have any other questions. I hope my comments have helped.”

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