Lawmakers attempt to divert gas-tax dollars to pay local transportation officials

Three recently filed bills would pay certain local transportation officials (appointed by lawmakers) out of their counties’ local share of gas-tax revenue.

H.4819 would pay each member of the Union County Transportation Committee (CTC) $75 for each meeting attended, for up to ten meetings.

S.994 would pay each member of the Lee County CTC $100 for each meeting attended, for up to fifteen meetings. This bill would also make the legislative delegation chairman an ex-officio, non-voting member of the CTC, although it does not prohibit that lawmaker from also receiving a per diem.

S.988 would increase the per diem currently paid to Kershaw County CTC members from gas-tax funds from $75 per meeting to $90 per meeting, and would pay the CTC chairman $175 per meeting. This bill also increases the number of meetings for which CTC members can be paid from fifteen to eighteen meetings.

All three of these bills would pay the per diems from “C” fund revenues – which comprise the counties’ share of gas-tax revenue, used to fund the countywide transportation plan developed by the local CTC.

CTCs are appointed by the county legislative delegations, and lawmakers also have the option to appoint themselves.

S.994 and S.988 bypassed committee and are now awaiting vote on the Senate floor.

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