Project Road Repair

Getting answers on your roads, tracking answers across the state

It’s year three of the gas tax hike, and most of the $615.2 million of gas tax revenues they’ve collected so far has not been spent. In fact, the Department of Transportation (DOT) is saying that it might be ten years before your roads are fixed.

However, the DOT commissioners don’t answer to you. They answer to lawmakers – who confirm their appointments in nontransparent, unaccountable votes by congressional legislative delegations. (Read more here »)


So it’s time to get some answers from lawmakers as to when your gas taxes are going to fix your specific roads.


Follow these steps:

1. Find your lawmakers’ email addresses. Click here to find your representative’s email address, and click here to find your senator’s. (Don’t know who your lawmaker is? Click here.)

2. Pick your top three roads. Select up to three of the most annoying roads in your neighborhood or daily commute – the ones that simply drive you crazy.

3. Tell your lawmaker to go to the DOT commissioner he/she confirms, and ask them a) when will these specific roads be fixed, and b) where those roads are at on the priority list.

4. Let us know what your lawmakers say. Give them a week, and email us at Let us know who you emailed and send us their responses – and if they didn’t respond, we want to know that too.


We’ll be publishing the responses and the dates by which your roads will be fixed, and we’re going to track the progress of those roads and monitor the promises of those legislators. Legislators insist on having control of our roads – let’s make them accountable to you for that power.

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