Who’s Got The Power? Not you…

SC state government has no balance of power. The legislature MAKES laws, EXECUTES laws and elects the judges who INTERPRET laws. Want proof?

  • The SC Legislature controls more than 420 appointments to the executive branch – more than half the number the governor appoints.
  • The SC Legislature unilaterally elects judges.

Four politicians in the State House have immense power, but are NOT ELECTED statewide.


  • The Big Four control approximately 150 executive branch appointments. Who are they? The Senate President Pro Tempore, Senate Finance Chairman, Speaker of the House, Chairman of House Ways & Means. They serve on or appoint members to powerful state entities, including:
  • The South Carolina Budget and Control Board, which technically runs the state.
  • The South Carolina Research Authority, which legislators charge with running the state’s economy.
  • The Judicial Merit Selection Committee, which screens judicial candidates.

SC’s legislative session is one of the longest, least efficient in the nation. It costs you money, promotes lobbying and leads to big government.

Want proof?

  • SC has the longest session in the Southeast, tied for 6th longest in the nation.
  • SC has more than two lobbyists for every legislator.
  • On average, SC legislators pass about one bill each. What did they debate? Naming the state’s heritage horse, licensing musical therapists and letting legislators carry concealed weapons.

SC Legislature takes most votes off the record. You can’t see how your lawmakers vote!

The General Assembly only recorded 25% of its votes in 2010. What happened the other 75% of the time? Only they know…

South Carolinians deserve balanced, accountable government based on American democracy. They should demand a shorter legislative session, insist lawmakers record all votes, and hold accountable the state’s four most powerful politicians.

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