The Patriots Club

The Goal

We want to make South Carolina the most free state in the nation. To accomplish that goal, we’ll focus
on three American principles:

  • Self-governance. Ideas and policies that take power away from politicians and return it to South Carolina’s citizens. In South Carolina, the legislative branch dominates the other branches of government: legislators run
    state government, dictate the budget, dominate the judicial branch, and use bureaucratic jargon and
    budgetary tricks to hide what they’re doing. That has to change.
  • Economic freedom. Exposing the many ways in which state government stands in the way of economic growth.
    Politicians have riddled our tax code with exemptions to favored interests, saddled businesses with
    regulations and burdensome taxes, increased government spending even during a recession, and
    refused to return surplus revenue to taxpayers. They won’t undo these policies until we hold them
  • Independence from DC. State lawmakers must be held accountable for taking billions of federal dollars every year. Many of South Carolina’s most basic government services are hugely dependent on federal cash – law
    enforcement, criminal justice, education, social services, etc. By becoming so heavily dependent on
    federal money, we have, in effect, given control of our government to bureaucrats in DC. State
    lawmakers have to start saying “No.”

Read The Patriots Club Declaration here!

The Commitment

Power belongs to the people, not to the politicians. But there’s no power without responsibility.
Patriots Club members are committed to educating both themselves and others. Members will
distribute material to neighbors, activists, local websites, blogs, local media, and anyone else who will
listen. Members are also committed to holding politicians – and each other – accountable. Members
will attend committee and state agency meetings (when available) and help to raise awareness about
what’s happening at the State House. In turn, the Policy Council is committed to providing members with the tools they’ll need to turn these goals into reality.

The Benefits

Real-time awareness. Patriots Club members will know exactly what’s happening at the State House as it happens. Members will know what politicians are doing – or not doing – to return power back to the people, unfetter our economy, and diminish federal control in state government. They’ll know how lawmakers and state officials are actually spending taxpayer dollars. And they’ll know whether their representatives in Columbia are keeping the promises they make to taxpayers.

Exclusive events. Invitations to exclusive Columbia-based and regional Patriots Club events.

Coordinated efforts. Join fellow Patriots Club members in holding South Carolina’s policymakers accountable by actively monitoring government and informing and engaging others in the community. There’s strength in numbers, and Patriots Club members will be in the right company to make their voices heard.

What’s it cost to join?

Just $100 a year– or $10 per month. Every dollar raised goes directly toward research to ensure that Patriots Club members have all the tools and information needed to make you the most informed and powerful citizenry in the country.




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